Walmart supports associates who own their story, understand the transformative power of storytelling and who possess the courage to share. Walmart’s goal is to foster a culture that invites storytelling and that lifts the storyteller up through supportive empathy. That’s the backdrop for “My Disability. My Story.” — a video storytelling campaign introduced by Walmart’s inABLE Associate Resource Group. “My Disability. My Story.” brings the disability dialogue to the forefront by providing associates with disabilities and associates who are caregivers for people with disabilities a platform for sharing their personal experiences, how inclusion has made a positive impact on their lives, and what their fellow associates and Walmart as a company can do to continue to foster an inclusive culture. In addition, the intent is that the initial series of 10 videos will create a safe place for other associates to engage in conversations with their colleagues about their own experiences with disability and inspire them to share their stories in their own ways.