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Inclusive Governance & Investing Quarterly

Disability:IN’s inaugural issue of Inclusive Governance and Investing Quarterly highlights the imperative for comprehensive research and policy in fostering inclusive workplaces. Explore our featured reports that reveal corporate disclosure practices, stay informed about domestic and foreign policy developments, and join us in reshaping corporate landscapes with inclusive practices supported by rigorous research and progressive policies.

Research Reports

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The Disability Inclusion Imperative

Updated research from Accenture and Disability:IN reveals that companies that lead in disability inclusion drive more revenue, net income and profit. They are also 25% more likely to outperform on productivity compared to their industry peers that have not participated in the survey, measured as revenue per employee.

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On the Verge: Disability and Sustainability Reporting

Disability reporting is on the verge – together, market pressures and regulatory modernization are driving disability data into public workforce disclosures.

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On the Verge: Disability and Sustainability Reporting in the Europe Fortune 500

Disability reporting is on the verge – together, European regulatory modernization and global market pressures are driving disability data into sustainability disclosures.

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Memorandum: Inclusion of People with Disabilities as Diverse Board Members

This 2024 memorandum examines the investment case for disability diversity inclusion on corporate boards.

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Boards Are IN: Model Proxy Statements & Proxy Voting Guidelines for Disability Disclosures

Guidelines for how to incorporate disability into board diversity disclosures, featuring model proxy statements and proxy voting guidelines.

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Boards Are IN: Integrating Disability into Documents that Govern the Nomination of Corporate Directors

Guidelines for how to modernize corporate board disclosures to include disability, featuring model language for the nomination of new directors.

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2023 Disability Equality Index® Report

A total of 485 corporations across 30 diverse industries including technology, banking and healthcare utilized the Disability Equality Index in 2023.

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From Compliance to Culture

Workforce disability inclusion has historically been incentivized by compliance with government regulations. However, surging employee and investor demands for inclusive corporate culture is creating a new call to action for companies to modernize the collection, promotion, and utilization of voluntary self identification data.

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Disability:IN, with the help of Thomson Reuters Foundation, conducted a legal analysis of global board diversity disclosures and found that several important stock exchanges already include people with disabilities in their board disclosure requirements. We found that market forces, rather than regulatory frameworks, are key to advancing disability inclusion.

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The Case for Disability Inclusion in Environmental Social Governance Investing

Improving business opportunities for people with disabilities is a social issue at the heart of ESG. Investors and shareholders increasingly view diversity and inclusion as a vital component of environmental, social and governance investing.

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Disability:IN Policy Position Paper

Despite the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act more than three decades ago and one in four American adults having a disability, individuals with disabilities today still face discrimination in the workplace, deal with inaccurate assumptions about their abilities from employers, are underrepresented in Corporate America, and have higher rates of poverty than individuals without disabilities.

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Getting to Equal: The Disability Inclusion Advantage

New research from Accenture, in partnership with Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), reveals that companies that embrace best practices for employing and supporting more persons with disabilities in their workforce have outperformed their peers.

Access the 2018 Accenture Report

Policy & Government Affairs

Letters from Disability:IN, policy leaders, and fellow organizations to drive disability inclusion in regulation and governance.

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