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Compiling Your Toolkit: Mental Wellness in the Workplace

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, annually recognized as a time to draw attention to the various mental health considerations for employees throughout the corporate landscape.  According to Accenture, mental health challenges have impacted 9 out of 10 employees, with 69% experiencing mental health issues personally and 88% knowing [...]

Shedding Light on Daylight Saving Time: Ensuring Inclusivity for People with Disabilities

While Daylight Saving Time might seem like a minor inconvenience or an hour of lost sleep for many, it can have a considerable impact on people with disabilities. As companies strive to foster inclusive environments, it's important to consider the unique challenges this time shift may present.  Routine Adaptation: [...]

Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month

Behind the Screen: Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month in the Workplace Each year, the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. This month provides awareness of various mental health challenges facing workers across corporate America. According to Accenture, mental health affects 90% of [...]

Mental Health Awareness Month – Infographic & Resources

Observed each year in the United States for the month of May, Mental Health Awareness Month is a critical conversation for corporate America. This important topic takes a global stage on October 10th for World Mental Health Day. Leslie Wilson, EVP of Global Workplace Initiatives at Disability:IN, is passionate [...]

“Non-apparent disability” vs. “Hidden” or “Invisible disability” – which term is correct?

Many disabilities, such as mental illnesses, learning and attention issues, some physical illnesses, neurodiversity, and many other disabilities are not apparent. Below is some suggested guidance from Disability:IN in speaking about such disabilities: “Non-apparent disability”: This is the terminology Disability:IN uses and recommends. It implies the disability is just [...]

2021 World Mental Health Day

October 10th marks World Mental Health Day. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and we encourage our partners to build inclusive cultures that include people with non-apparent disabilities, including mental illness. Check out our video featuring Disability:IN EVP Programs, Liz Taub, Fidelity Investments VP of Customer Accessibility, [...]

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Minority Mental Wellness – Disability:IN Webinar

We are excited to share a recording from Disability:IN's webinar advancing minority mental health month. Hear from Disability:IN corporate partner peers as they share their experience and stories around mental health awareness.   Moderator: Carla Carlisle, Director, Information Technology, Mental Health Co-lead for TIAA Diverse Abilities Business Resource Group [...]

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