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Disability Inclusion Global Best Practices Report

The Disability Equality Index (DEI), a joint initiative with the American Association of People with Disabilities, is a benchmarking tool that provides an objective score and roadmap on disability inclusion policies and practices. Businesses with international operations that take the DEI are asked to respond to a set of questions on the inclusiveness of their global operations. This report highlights the global best practices of international companies that scored 80 or above on the 2019 DEI. Read More

Disability Inclusion Employment Best Practices

Covering benefits, talent acquisition, retention, advancement, and accommodations, this report details best practices from those who participated in the Disability Equality Index (DEI). Read More

Mentorship Best Practices

Build your relationship with mentees, and find guidance on inclusive workplace best practices and disability etiquette throughout the employment lifecycle—from the application process through to the job offer stage. Read More

Disability Etiquette – A Starting Guide

Quick tips to help make your workplace and culture more inclusive. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Industry Specific Resources

Industry-specific COVID-19 response resources from peer-to-peer calls and knowledge sharing amongst our Corporate Partners. Read More

2020 Calendar of Disability-Related Dates

Throughout the community, there is almost always something happening. Discover the many occasions, holidays, and awareness dates during 2020 across the US and globally.  Read More

COVID-19 Response Series

Disability:IN has compiled the following resources to support your disability inclusion work during COVID-19. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Diversity & Inclusion

Insights from our corporate partners. D&I professionals are in a unique position to support a business climate that is currently shifting in response to the pandemic. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Disability Community

As part of the COVID-19 Response Series, this section highlights resources from the disability community that can help employers understand the mindset of employees who have pre-existing conditions and are concerned during this period of time. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Digital Accessibility and Other Best Practices for Remote Work

As part of the COVID-19 Response Series, this section reviews accessibility guidelines and best practices. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Mental Health

As part of the COVID-19 Response Series, this highlights key points to keep in mind for mental health along with some guidance on helping someone who may be struggling. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Federal Resources

As part of the COVID-19 Response Series, this highlights federal resources to help corporations respond to the changing environment due to the global pandemic. *Note this resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Supplier Diversity & DOBE Supplier Shortlist

As part of the COVID-19 Response Series, Disability:IN has compiled a 'short list' of certified disability-owned business enterprises for your supplier consideration. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

COVID-19 Response: Global Resources

As part of the COVID-19 Resource Series, this section provides guidance for international response for corporate disability inclusion. *Note: This resource is being continuously updated. Read More

Service Dog Accommodation Checklist & Ownership

Similar to when a new employee joins a company, onboarding a service animal takes coordination and communication across several business departments. Read More

Framework for Neurodiversity at Work Pilots

From Inclusion Works, this resource is an overview of a four-step framework covering Internal Planning, Scope and Employment Modeling, Internal Training, and Recruiting and Sourcing Talent for a more neurodiverse workforce. Read More

Women and Mental Illness

Quick insight into Women and Mental Illness from some of the leading institutions, including: Columbia Mailman School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, World Health Organization and others. Read More

Innovation Lab (iLab) Facilitator Toolkit

The Disability:IN iLab brings together college students with disabilities and career professionals, with and without disabilities, under the principles of universal design to dream up the next big ideas in design or technology. The iLab was designed to show that people with disabilities can be the “catalyst for innovation” with design breakthroughs that will benefit the world! While the Disability:IN model presented here is designed for college students or recent graduates with disabilities and volunteers from our Partners, it can easily be adapted for younger students and groups that include students with or without disabilities. Read More

Accessible Technology – Procurement Toolkit

The Accessible Technology Procurement Toolkit provides technology purchasers with information, best practices, and resources to ensure that workplace technology is accessible to all applicants and employees without unnecessary delay or unwarranted costs. Read More

Unconscious Biases: Shattering Assumptions and Surprising Ourselves

If your company is going to get serious about disability inclusion, it needs to get real about unconscious bias. EY, Kaiser Permanente, and others identified, and then challenged, their own assumptions. They hired people who were qualified for the job, but happened to have a disability. Then they experienced, first-hand, how inclusion positively affected their business. Check out the video! Read More

Centralized Reasonable Accommodations Fund

A “Centralized Reasonable Accommodation Fund” is an enterprise-wide general fund to either partially cover or entirely cover reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities and is considered a corporate best practice. With a centralized reasonable accommodation fund, hiring managers and supervisors do not need to worry about how this may impact their unit/department budget. Learn more. Read More

Getting Started with Disability Inclusion

Not sure where to start in the disability inclusion journey? Download this checklist of best practices gathered from participating companies of the Disability Equality Index (DEI). For ease of use, these best practices align with DEI benchmarking categories. Read More

Roadmap to Mental Wellness in the Workplace

By 2020, mental and substance use disorders will surpass all physical diseases as the major causes of disability worldwide (NIH). Many of your employees and their families are impacted by mental illness and this may adversely affect productivity, increase absenteeism, and disrupt teamwork. The goal of Disability:IN’s Roadmap to Mental Wellness in the Workplace is to inspire action, improve workplace productivity, and impact the well-being of millions of employees and their families around the world. Read More

Global Directory

The Disability:IN Global Directory is a collaborative disability inclusion database with country profiles to help companies achieve disability inclusion and equality around the world. Read More

CEO Start Guide

Disability Inclusion is taking the center stage at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos. Here are 3 steps to tap into the talent of 1 billion people with disabilities around the world. Read More

503 Checklist

The following Section 503 Subpart C, Affirmative Action Program Checklist is organized to assist federal contractors with 50 or more employees and a contract of $50,000 or more to benchmark their current activities against Section 503, Subpart C Affirmative Action Program requirements. By comparing their current activities against the regulatory requirements, federal contractors can develop an Affirmative Action Program that ensures equal employment opportunity and fosters employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Read More

2018 DEI Best Practices

These best practices enable a culture of inclusion that promotes increased self-identification, employees feeling truly welcomed to be their authentic selves and innovation sparked by disability inclusion being built into products and services. Read More

Business Case for Disability Inclusion

What is the return on investment of disability inclusion? Check out the groundbreaking research from Accenture, in partnership with Disability:IN and the American Association of People with Disabilities, that reveals the financial benefits of including people with disabilities in business. Read More

ERG/BRG Resources

This toolkit provides information and resources on how a company’s disability-focused affinity group can promote disability inclusion through the employment life cycle and can enable employees with disabilities to bring their whole selves to work. The founding members of the Disability:IN ERG/BRG Leadership Committee created the toolkit. Read More

Autism @ Work Playbook

The Autism @ Work Playbook is the product of a collaborative research project, Autism-Ready Workplace: Creating and Sustaining Autism Hiring Initiatives, led by Dr. Hala Annabi, an associate professor at the University of Washington Information School. To create this guide, the ACCESS-IT Research Group at the Information School studied the Autism @ Work programs of four leading employers: Microsoft, SAP, JPMorgan Chase and EY. Read More

Disability Inclusive Stock Photography

Disability:IN is pleased to offer disability inclusive stock photography to the public. In an effort to empower business to achieve disability inclusion and equality, we encourage corporations to use this in recruitment material, marketing material, internal and external communications, etc. Read More