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Neurodivergent People Make Great Leaders, Not Just Employees

One of the most pernicious stereotypes is that neurodivergent people are only a good fit for subordinate positions or working in highly technical or individual roles. People don’t usually attend voluntary training sessions on neurodiversity inclusion with the intention to ask ableist questions. They come because they want to [...]

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“Non-apparent disability” vs. “Hidden” or “Invisible disability” – which term is correct?

Many disabilities, such as mental illnesses, learning and attention issues, some physical illnesses, neurodiversity, and many other disabilities are not apparent. Below is some suggested guidance from Disability:IN in speaking about such disabilities: “Non-apparent disability”: This is the terminology Disability:IN uses and recommends. It implies the disability is just [...]

2022-01-18T17:05:19-05:00January 5th, 2022|Etiquette, Mental Health, Neurodiversity / Autism|

Tearsheet: What Banks are Doing to Hire More Neurodiverse Employees

“You want the right people to come in and say, ‘I think I can do this job.’” You can’t think outside the box if you’re only hiring boxes. Banks and other financial firms are realizing that hiring neurodiverse candidates isn’t just something they can do to get PR points, [...]

Leading Employers Collaborate to Launch Autism @ Work Playbook

EY, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Microsoft, and SAP release guide for HR professionals and organizations to create employment opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum. Since its launch 15 months ago, the Autism @ Work Employer Roundtable has made significant progress to expand employment opportunities for individuals [...]

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