Welcome to the Disability:IN Digital Accessibility Program webpage. Digital accessibility is about inclusion. It is the crucial quality of technology and content that enables people with disabilities to independently participate in the digital world. Captions on training videos and hiring portals that can be navigated without a mouse are just two examples of digital accessibility. Without accessibility, people with disabilities are excluded from the workplace, the marketplace, and the supply chain.

At Disability:IN we know that digital accessibility is at the intersection of everything. Applicants and employees with disabilities need accessibility to gain employment and thrive at work. Customers with disabilities depend on accessibility to take full advantage of products and services in a manner that preserves privacy and independence. Disability-owned business enterprises require accessible content and tools to successfully participate in supplier diversity programs.

Digital accessibility is essential for a disability inclusive workplace and a key component of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives. Accessibility builds positive brand reputation and is good for business. Accessibility barriers exclude applicants, employees, customers and the public, and create legal and reputational risk. We invite you to explore our offerings described on this page and join a vibrant, committed, and global community of business leaders committed to digital accessibility.

Disability:IN Chief Accessibility Officer

Disability:IN’s Digital Accessibility Program is led by our Chief Accessibility Officer Jeff Wissel. Jeff joined us in 2021 after a 28-year career with Fidelity Investments. Among other things, he founded Fidelity’s disability employee resource group and co-founded and was the Director of the Fidelity Investments Office of Customer Accessibility. Jeff is proud to say he is legally blind with a degenerative eye disease. He brings both his professional and lived disability experience to everything he does at Disability:IN. Learn more about Jeff Wissel.

Accessibility Leadership Committee

Disability:IN’s Accessibility Leadership Committee is a diverse group of business leaders who come together to share their knowledge, strategies, and best practices to help organizations enhance and maintain accessibility policies and practices in the workplace and beyond. Visit the Accessibility Leadership Committee page to learn more.

Procure Access Initiative

Procure Access is a business-to-business initiative facilitated by Disability:IN bringing together companies that recognize the importance of buying and selling technology that is accessible to people with disabilities. The initiative develops and shares best practices for both buyers and sellers.

In a supportive community of peers, Procure Access helps businesses understand how accessible procurement creates an inclusive workplace with better, more usable products and services for employees, customers, and the public.

Visit the Procure Access Page

Accessibility Resources

Disability:IN offers resources to help our partners and the general public grow their accessibility knowledge and skills. We maintain resources behind a log-in for both our general partners and those part of our Inclusion Works Program and we also offer digital accessibility and other resources free to the public through our Public Facing Resource Library.

Here are just a few public facing digital accessibility resources:

Access the Resource Library

Accessibility Webinars

Throughout the year Disability:IN offers webinars focused on digital accessibility best practices. Here are a few recent accessibility webinars now part of the public-facing library.

Access the Webinar Library
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Digital Accessibility Roundup

Digital accessibility impacts all aspects of disability inclusion. Each monthly roundup features the latest news, events, and resources in the accessibility space.

Check out the Latest Roundups

Inclusion Works Support

The Disability:IN Inclusion Works program provides customized disability inclusion consulting for corporations and connects them to their peers in a growing community of corporations of over 100 companies. The Disability:IN digital accessibility program supports disability inclusion experts working with Inclusion Works companies. Visit the Inclusion Works page of our website to learn more.

Conference Accessibility Programming

Every year the Disability:IN annual global conference and expo includes both a technology plenary and a digital accessibility track. Breakout sessions in the track feature global accessibility leaders from our partner community addressing topics of relevance wherever you are in your accessibility journey.

Input from Disability:IN partners shapes these accessibility sessions. The conference offers formal and informal opportunities to be part of the global corporate accessibility community. Visit the 2022 Conference portal to learn more.

Our Accessibility Commitment

According to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Initiative, accessibility statements are important to show users that an organization cares about accessibility, provides information about the accessibility of its content, and demonstrates commitment to accessibility, and to social responsibility. Please visit the Disability:IN Accessibility Statement page to read our statement.

Want to learn more about our Digital Accessibility Program?

Please reach out if you would like to find out more about our digital accessibility program or if you are interested in discussing Disability:IN partnership or Inclusion Works membership. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact our Chief Accessibility Officer

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