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At Disability:IN we know disability inclusion isn’t just a priority for the United States. We have been working closely with both the business and disability communities to understand how we can encourage international impact. Through these efforts, we’ve created more opportunities for everyone to drive disability inclusion internationally. Our current initiatives include:

Global Directory

The Disability:IN Global Directory is a collaborative disability inclusion database with country profiles to help companies achieve disability inclusion and equality around the world.

The Global Directory was built with collaboration in mind! The start of this Global Directory began with input from corporate partners, staff and consultants. This effort continues with a global network to expand our collaborative efforts towards inclusion.

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Disability Owned Business Registry

Besides certifying disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs) within the United States, Disability:IN offers a unique opportunity for business owners with a disability headquartered outside of the United States to join a global network of suppliers.

Accessed by Disability:IN multi-national corporate partners, this global network of suppliers serves as a source of potential vendors to our corporate partners who are committed to disability inclusion within their supply chains.

To date, our global DOBEs now include entities from Canada, the U.K., and Tanzania.

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Disability Equality Index

The Disability Equality Index (DEI) is a joint initiative of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability:IN. Developed by the DEI Advisory Committee, a diverse group of business leaders, policy experts, and disability advocates, the DEI is a transparent annual benchmarking tool that offers businesses an opportunity to receive an objective score, on a scale of zero (0) to 100, on their disability inclusion policies and practices.

Under the guidance and leadership of the DEI Advisory Committee, the 2019 Disability Equality Index now includes questions on non-U.S. operations. The DEI evolves each year to continue encouraging companies to advance disability inclusion.

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Inclusion Works Global Support

Inclusion Works connects participating corporate partners with Disability:IN subject matter experts and unites them around disability inclusion through leading practices and tools. The experts assist the participating Fortune/Global 500 companies to accelerate disability inclusion through customized services and plans.

Participating companies have hired over 25,000 new individuals with disabilities from program start through Spring 2019. Based on the success of the Inclusion Works model, Disability:IN engaged closely with 30 corporate members and discovered their global disability inclusion needs.

Disability:IN is expanding the Inclusion Works model to support global employment through access to inclusion subject matter experts, usage of the DEI, and Virtual Career Connections to source professionals with disabilities in STEM, Finance, Business, Sales, and Customer Service fields.

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Global Roundtable

The Disability:IN Global Roundtable is a primary source of leadership and guidance on how Disability:IN provides support globally on disability inclusion. The Roundtable meets on a quarterly basis and holds its annual meeting at the Disability:IN Annual Conference & Expo, to foster discussions among business leaders about how to drive global disability inclusion.

Meet the Global Roundtable Members

International Participation at Annual Conference

As Disability:IN global partners expand and the number of international Conference attendees grows, we are constantly evolving our Conference content to meet the increasingly global needs of attendees. The Global Track Committee planned comprehensive global content for the 2019Conference, including the launch of the Disability:IN Global Directory and having the most ever international presenters and participation from over 15 different countries.

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