Engaging in one or more of Disability:IN’s Committees is a great way to connect with other professionals in the network and gain learnings to advance disability inclusion. Committees provide leadership and professional development opportunities, networking, and focus on best practice sharing. Most of the Disability:IN Committees meet once per quarter for a virtual hour-long meeting. Any Disability:IN partner company is welcome to have up to two committee members on each committee. Please note that some exceptions do exist and are noted below with an asterisk.  Please reach out to Jordan Krug at [email protected] with any questions on committees, current members, or if you are interested in joining a particular committee.

Accessibility Leadership Committee:

The Accessibility Leadership Committee is a globally diverse group of business leaders who come together to share their knowledge, strategies, and best practices to help organizations enhance and maintain accessibility policies and practices in the workplace, marketplace and supply chain. The committee’s focus includes but is not limited to digital accessibility and all aspects of the built, operational, communication, program, procurement, and other environments.  If interested in joining, please email Celeste Keanaaina at [email protected].


Committee Co-Chairs:

Monica Goel headshot


Executive Director, Digital Accessibility Engineering, CVS Health

Sam Ladif headshot


Company Accessibility Leader, Procter & Gamble

Chief Diversity Officer Forum:

Interactive forum of Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) provides an opportunity to engage with peers on challenges and leading practices related to disability inclusion and intersectionality. *Since this forum is title specific, only one member will be allowed from each partner company. If interested in joining, please have your Chief Diversity Officer email Brian Horn at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Jesse Cortez headshot

Jesse Cortez

Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion,
McKesson Corporation

Jonita Wilson headshot

Jonita Wilson

Chief Diversity Officer,
Discover Financial Services

CMO & CCO Coalition:

Disability:IN’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Communications Officer (CCO) Coalition endeavors to accelerate disability inclusion across the marketing and communications professions at large. Learn more about the Coalition here.

Please note: this Coalition is currently only open to CMOs and CCOs of partner companies. Companies can express their interest by emailing [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Jill Kramer headshot

Jill Kramer

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer,

John Pluhowski headshot

John Pluhowski

Chief Communications Officer,
T.D. Bank, N.A.

Disability Equality Index Advisory Committee:

The Disability Equality Index Advisory Committee is a diverse group of business leaders, policy experts, and disability advocates, who have been elected to share their knowledge, expertise, and vision to enhance disability inclusion policies and practices in the workplace. This is a small, closed committee and is currently invite-only.

ERG/BRG Leadership Committee:

A peer networking forum for developing or enhancing a disability-focused affinity group that provides business value and professional growth for its members. This group is aimed for disability ERG/BRG co-chairs. The ERG/BRG Leadership Committee has developed an on-line toolkit to which it annually adds new resources. You can review it on Disability:IN’s Resource Library. If interested in joining, please email Michelle Maybaum at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Leo Knittel Dias headshot

Leo Knittel Dias

Database and Information Analyst Enabled Global President, Chevron

Justin McNeeley headshot

Justin McNeeley

Senior Manager Product Development Global Co-Lead Enable, Fidelity Investments

Executive Sponsors Forum:

Executive Sponsors are the voice of Business Resource Groups and responsible for driving positive change within the business. This committee brings together executive sponsors to explore the most effective ways to link disability affinity groups to the business and to foster environments where all employees are IN. *Since this forum is title specific, only one member will be allowed from each partner company. If interested in joining, please have your Executive Sponsor email Jill Houghton at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Paul Gennaro Headshot


Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer, New York Life Insurance Company

Alleace Gibbs Headshot

Alleace Gibbs

Vice President, Communications, Northrop Grumman

Global Roundtable:

An interactive forum for business leaders to engage with peers across industries on disability inclusion policies, programs, and trends around the world. This committee also has three subcommittees: APAC, EMEA, and LATAM. *2 members allowed on all four groups from each partner company. If interested in joining, please email [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Manisha Mehrotra headshot

Manisha Mehrotra

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, EMEA, Bloomberg

Frank Peter-Justus headshot

Frank Peter-Justus

Order to Cash Operations – Cash Strategy and Acceleration & Global Co-Lead ENABLE, Bayer

APAC Council Co-Chairs:

Vani Seshadri

Global Program Lead, Disability Inclusion, Accenture

Jo Keiko Terasawa

Global/APAC Lead, Community Inclusion, People Operations, Google

EMEA Council Co-Chairs:

Amanda Nefdt

Team Leader for Facilities in the EMEA Region, Bloomberg

Jo-Ann Pohl

Associate Director, Kearney

LATAM Council Co-Chairs:

Bernardo Barlach

Accessibility Program Manager, External Engagement (LATAM), Google

Ezequiel Massa

Head of Diversity & Inclusion for LATAM & Caribbean, SAP

International Certification Committee (ICC):

The ICC is an essential working group responsible for the critical evaluation of certification applications and documentation received from disability suppliers (DOBEs) as well as recertification requests while upholding world class certification standards. This committee is not included in the standard committee list as the commitment involved is a bit more than others. Committee members meet virtually once per month for approximately two hours. Outside of meetings, members also review assigned certification applications and supporting documents using an online system, which takes approximately two additional hours monthly. Experience in legal, tax, finance and/or accounting is helpful but not required. Members are required to sign an NDA. Please reach out to [email protected] with questions or interest!

Mental Wellness Committee:

Mental health is the number one cause of disability in the workplace. The world is changing, and the mental health needs of employees are shifting with it. This interactive forum provides an opportunity for national and global business leaders to learn from each other about best practices related to addressing mental wellness in the workplace in order to support their employees and improve workforce productivity. If interested in joining, please email Emily McDonald at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Dr. Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee headshot

Dr. Tamarah Duperval-Brownlee

Chief Health Officer, Accenture

Jon McLeod headshot

Jon McLeod

Associate Producer & Chairman of ESPN T.R.U.S.T. at ESPN

Neurodiversity @ Work Employer Roundtable:

The Neurodiversity @ Work Employer Roundtable is a collection of innovative leaders who spearhead autism-focused hiring initiatives. As a collection of cross industry employers, we lead field-specific recruitment efforts. The results have been significant for our culture development and for people with autism. This group is facilitated by Microsoft and requires having a neurodiversity hiring program already in place for at least a year.

Procure Access Advisory Group:

Procure Access is a business-to-business initiative facilitated by Disability:IN bringing together companies that recognize the importance of purchasing and selling technology products and services that are accessible to people with disabilities. The Procure Access Advisory Group is a diverse group of cross-industry business leaders and invited policy experts who help guide the work of Procure Access. They do so by sharing their knowledge and expertise regarding the purchase and sale of digital products and services that are accessible to and usable by all stakeholders with disabilities, including employees, job applicants, customers, suppliers, and members of the public. This group is currently invite-only. Please visit the Procure Access page, or contact Jeff Wissel, Disability:IN’s Chief Accessibility Officer, to learn more about Disability:IN’s work to advance accessible procurement.

Advisory Group Co-Chairs:

Ronda Hendricks headshot

Ronda Hendricks

Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility,
Fidelity Investments

Gloria Lewis headshot

Gloria Lewis

VP – Compliance & Accessibility,
AT&T Services, Inc.

Procurement Council:

A council of business professionals providing direction in elevating Disability:IN’s Supplier Diversity Program. The Procurement Council provides program oversight and direction, feedback and buy-in for established and new initiatives. If interested in joining, please email Philip DeVleigher at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Sesley Brown headshot

Sesley Brown

North America Supplier Inclusion & Diversity Lead, Accenture

Raul Suarez-Rodriguez Headshot


Director, Global Economic Inclusion & Supplier Diversity, Merck

Reasonable Accommodations Committee:

The Reasonable Accommodations Committee convenes corporate professionals and practitioners working directly or indirectly in the area of reasonable accommodations or at the intersection of accessibility and accommodations. The committee provides a forum for peer-to-peer benchmarking and the sharing of best practices; please email questions or requests to join the committee to [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Nikki Alphonse headshot

Nikki Alphonse

Sr. Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Operations, Northrop Grumman

Tiffani Solberg headshot

Tiffany Solberg

Sr. Vice President, Life Event Services – Medical Accommodations Leader, Bank of America

Talent Acquisition Committee:

A diverse group of talent acquisition and recruiting professionals come together to discuss disability inclusive hiring practices and trends while exploring how to leverage Disability:IN to incorporate individuals with disabilities and veterans with disabilities into company talent pipelines. If interested in joining, please email Bridgette Anderson at [email protected].

Committee Co-Chairs:

Peter Brooks headshot

Peter Brooks

VP, Talent Acquisition & Mobility at General Dynamics

Krystal Mills Headshot


VP, Head of Campus & Diversity Recruitment, PNC