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We certify disability-owned business enterprises, including service-disabled veteran owned businesses, and link them to organizations seeking to diversify their supply chains.


A disability-owned business enterprise is a for profit business that is at least 51% owned, managed and controlled by a person with a disability. We do not certify non-profit organizations or private businesses who employ person(s) with disabilities.

The Supplier Diversity program is the leading third party certifier of disability-owned business enterprises (DOBE®s), including veteran-owned business enterprises (V-DOBE™s) and service-disabled veteran owned business enterprises (SDV-DOBE™s).

Certification Benefits

  • Nationally Recognized Certification including by The Billion Dollar Roundtable
  • Exclusive Information and Resources
  • Networking & Business Matchmaking Opportunities

Annually generating over $536M in revenues, the total U.S. economic impact of DOBEs is estimated at over $1B.

Corporate Benefits

Connect with Disability:IN certified DOBEs®, including veteran-owned businesses and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses.

Incorporate supply chain diversification efforts with other parts of the business.

Meet and exceed commitment goals for disability business and service-disabled veteran-owned business inclusion.

Lead by example in adopting and leveraging inclusion practices and gain a competitive edge.

Become a recognized leader in the industry for consumers and community leaders who choose to do business with corporations that have a proven commitment to inclusion.

Make a social and economic impact by utilizing DOBEs.

DOBEs employ people with disabilities at 6-7 times the rate of their non-DOBE peers.

DOBE Spotlight

Because of my ADHD and partial deafness, I know I have my own challenges. But I didn’t know I would qualify. However, being certified has granted us access to various corporate leaders, which has been truly phenomenal and influential in helping us to strategically grow our business and achieve our mission.

Artura Taylor

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