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Mentorship. Networking. Recruiting.

NextGen Leaders are college students and recent graduates with disabilities who have demonstrated talent and leadership in the STEM, finance and business fields. NextGen Leaders collaborate with Corporate Partners to prepare for employment through mentorship, networking and recruiting opportunities.

Disability:IN Corporate Partners have the opportunity to:

  • Establish inclusive employer brands by participating in the NextGen Initiatives.
  • Build relationships and learn best practices with NextGen Leaders through mentoring
  • Source talent through the resume database of current NextGen Leaders and alumni
  • Network and interview NextGen Leaders during activities like Matchmaking Sessions at the Disability:IN Annual Conference

Are you IN?

Submit a Mentor application today. To learn more about getting your company involved, contact Mackenzie Ward. Mentors will be selected based on their match to the desired interests of the NextGen Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How long is the NextGen Leaders program?
    • The NextGen Leaders program is a six-month program. The upcoming program will run from February 1 – July 31, 2021.
  • What is the expected time commitment for mentors?
    • The amount of time that mentors and mentees spend together varies based on time availability and activities being completed. However, we encourage our mentors and mentees to meet once a week via email, phone, or in person. There are Recommended Activities we hope the matched pairs will use as a guideline for topics to discuss and accomplish. Additionally, once a month there will be a webinar for all mentors to attend.
  • Can I stay in contact with my mentee after the 6-month program?
    • Yes! We encourage our participants to have long term mentoring relationships.
  • Do I have to have a disability to be a mentor?
    • No. Many of our mentors do have disabilities, but it is not necessary.
  • Can I work for a non-profit or government agency and be a mentor in the NextGen Leaders program?
    • No. Disability:IN is an organization that promotes the employment of people with disabilities in business settings. We can refer you to other organizations that are seeking mentors who work in non-profits and government agencies.
  • Is there a financial commitment to being a mentor?
    • No. Occasionally our mentors will volunteer to take their mentee out for coffee or lunch, but this is not required.
  • Why should our business participate in the NextGen Leaders program?
    • Participating in the NextGen Leaders program is a great opportunity to support emerging leaders by linking students and recent graduates to the professional world. Additionally, participation gives your business access to a wide array of talent that increases the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities in your business. Program participation can add value to your company’s image as “disability inclusive” and a “best places to work” employer.
  • Will I have more than one mentee?
    • Typically no. Our program is a one-to-one mentoring program, but occasionally a mentor is open to working with two students.
  • Will I be matched with a mentee who lives in my city?
    • We try to match mentors and mentees who live in the same city in order to promote in-person meetings and job shadowing opportunities. If location matches are not possible, we will try to match by career field, interests or degree program.
  • Can I connect my mentee to internship or job opportunities?
    • Yes! We encourage our mentors to share resources and employment opportunities with their mentees.