The UPS Transitional Learning Center (TLC) is a cooperative effort between UPS and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity (via Options Unlimited, Inc.) to allow people with disabilities – who are sourced through the Coalition – to experience UPS jobs through hands-on-training. Recognized as the 2016 “Large Employer of the Year” by the Association of People Supporting Employment First, UPS Worldport and its TLC are playing an important role in advancing innovative solutions for connecting people with disabilities to meaningful employment. The TLC offers a two-week, pre-employment training program that is staffed and operated by UPS training supervisors as well as Options Unlimited job coaches. The program uses both classroom training and a simulated work environment to teach participants about job responsibilities, safety procedures and soft skills. The program includes a full simulation of the Worldport package handling facility, providing participants with invaluable hands-on practice. Through the TLC, UPS has developed the “secret sauce” for sustainable success in hiring, retaining and supporting employees with disabilities. The recipe consists of four ingredients: culture, collaboration, curriculum and company ROI.