“I have been fortunate to find a place that allows leaders and all of their employees to bring their best selves to work. I am dyslexic and this is my superpower. Often, my learning disability forces me to plan and over-prepare. Because I am forced to plan, I am usually over-prepared for things that most people consider no-brainers. So, when stress happens, I am much more prepared for it. One of the challenges I face with dyslexia is my sense of direction – it’s very difficult to navigate new places, which forces me to map things out to the gnat’s eyelash. And, because I have to review and crosscheck everything several times, my level of accuracy and attention to detail is heightened, ironically. There is a lot of passion around the topic of disability here and because so many people are comfortable talking about it, the idea of ‘disclosing’ a disability isn’t an issue.” Nan Ferrara, EVP, Operations and Continuous Improvement (CI), Voya Financial