All Prudential employees can access a Workplace Accommodations Intranet Site containing resources for accommodation and work support. They have a centralized and consistent process so that all employees have the right tools and work environment to effectively perform their jobs. As well, individuals with disabilities have the workplace adjustments or accommodation needed to maximize their performance. Access is also available to Helpful Tips and Resources, a list of several additional programs and services to support employees. Their IT Procurement Catalog includes assistive technology for easy ordering. Prudential also established an Assistive Technology Governance Council (ATGT) to provide consultation, feedback and direction on:

  • Process to be used to evaluate and test new AT software and certify as a Prudential standard.
  • Identifying AT software opportunities and issuing decisions on new AT software.
  • AT support progress assessments and process modifications
  • The relevance of available AT software
  • Resources required for ongoing technical support and training
  • Overseeing the follow up of special project implementation
  • Corporate compliance impacting AT usage and requirements
  • Governance meetings requires the personal attendance of the members

Recommendations for Assistive Technology from the ATGT are fully tested in Prudential’s Integration Technology Lab and made available on the IT Procurement Catalog for easy ordering and timely implementation.

All Health-related absence cases reported receive notification and an Accommodation ADA Request Form and an ADA Medical Inquiry Form within two weeks before FML expiration. If an Accommodation for a Leave of Absence (LOA) is needed to continue employment protection after FMLA exhausts, another follow-up letter and Form is sent. These letters are also accompanied by at least two telephone calls to encourage employees to engage in the interactive process for an Accommodation LOA. Accommodation LOA’s are evaluated by Accommodation Specialists who determine accommodation based on the confidential medical documentation received, whether the medical condition is covered under the ADA, the nature of continued treatment and if the estimated return to work date is in the foreseeable future. Through this process Prudential is able to provide continued employment protection under the ADA when the employee is not eligible for FMLA, or their FML has exhausted, and they need additional time to return to work. Very often through this process accommodation is implemented to return the employee to performance in a shorter time frame using such alternatives as Work from Home and Reduced Hours accommodation.