Over the past three years, the company has put into place a centralized Workplace Accommodations organization consisting of specialists who work with employees, managers, and outside organizations to ensure that employees, applicants, visitors, etc., are provided with the accommodations they need to enable them to fulfill their role within the company. There is a dedicated accommodations website, toll-free telephone number, eFax number, and email box for people to utilize to obtain information on accommodations. Additionally, a centralized accommodations budget has been established to cover the costs of accommodations so that requests are made without hesitation. Northrop Grumman has more recently established an online accommodations case management tracking system through which accommodation requests can be made and followed through to completion. The first self-id campaign launched in 2014 was called “Inclusion Begins With You” provided information on self-it, how to request an accommodation, and disability awareness. It was sent to all employees with an e-mail from the CEO and a video message from the Corporate Vice President-Global Corporate Responsibility. The second self-id campaign launched in 2016 was called “Count Me In” which was comprised of a series of inclusion campaign videos containing employee testimonials which was distributed to all employees via an e-mail from the Corporate Vice President-Global Corporate Responsibility stressing the importance of self-Identification and ability to request accommodations from the centralized budget.