LinkedIn hosted a virtual accessibility hackathon for all employees. The hack gave participants two prompts: one about utilizing the LinkedIn platform to close the disability employment gap, and one about making LinkedIn a more inclusive company for employees with disabilities. Moreover, LinkedIn is also building out a multi-year strategy for disability inclusion for the APAC region which will be focused on scaling efforts beyond India and China to all other APAC countries. Specifically, efforts in India and China are carried out via focused workshops for People Managers to initiate a dialogue about disability (these workshops are led by external partners in both countries – GiftAbled in India and Easy Inclusion in China) – the workshops cover the following – sensitization to different types of disability, effective interactions with persons with disability (use of appropriate language), laws in each country, role of managers in engaging employees with disabilities. In addition to this, hiring efforts have been focused on ensuring accessibility and accommodation across their recruitment and onboarding processes.