Bank of America’s Disability Action Network (DAN) provides a variety of offerings to support disability inclusion training and awareness on a variety of topics, including how the bank supports impacted employees and their families with services including medical accommodations at work or back up care services for children and older adults. In addition, many DAN chapters host webinars and events to educate employees on disability-related topics during which employees often share their personal experiences and insights. Articles, employee blogs and executive videos are hosted on the bank’s intranet site and emailed to DAN members.  DAN also has Cause Champions, who are employees serving as representatives who focus on a specific disability or a non-profit organization that supports people with disabilities. Cause Champions host webinars to educate employees on the disability/organization which may include sharing their personal connection and inviting an external expert on the topic, or they may lead a virtual volunteer event or activities associated with the disability/organization.

DAN also provides a volunteer opportunity to Bank of America employees to serve as mentors in the Young Adult Mentor Program. Through the six-month program, mentors work with the young adults, who are on the Autism spectrum, on career development topics such as building a professional resume, learning what an elevator speech is, best practices for interviews and creating a personal budget leveraging Better Money Habits®. Not only do the mentees grow through this partnership as it relates to their confidence and better clarity on their career path, but the bank mentors have also shared how this experience teaches them skills on how to best connect and interact with young adults with disabilities. This program was recognized by the company, and the team earned Bank of America’s 2019 Global Diversity & Inclusion Award.