Registering for the index will be a major step forward in advancing inclusion for the estimated 1 in 4 Americans with disabilities — a minority group that anyone can join at any time.

To date, 16 CEOs have signed the “CEO Letter on Disability Inclusion,” an open letter encouraging other Fortune 1000 CEOs to register for the DEI.

The DEI is administered by two nonprofit organizations — the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) and Disability:IN — and provides an unbiased and confidential way to benchmark disability inclusion in the workplace. 

In its sixth official year, the DEI continues to see an increase in participation, with the number of top-scoring companies more than quadrupling to 205 in 2020, compared to 43 in 2015. In total, the participating companies account for a total workforce of more than 11 million people. 

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