Disability:IN is pleased to recognize the eleven recipients of the 2020 Inclusion Awards. Announced last night, during the virtual Disability:IN Conference, the eleven award recipients were invited to take the virtual stage and provide remarks. The Inclusion Award winners are prestigious brands and individuals that are advancing disability inclusion in business.

This year, the Disability:IN Conference & Expo turned virtual due to COVID-19 concerns. This event, taking place July 13-16, brings an opportunity to bring even more business professionals together – over 3,000 from nearly 20 different countries from around the world.

“Disability:IN recognizes these companies and individuals as those at the forefront – leading the way in corporate disability inclusion and challenging those around them to do more,” said Jill Houghton, President and CEO, Disability:IN. “Each year the Inclusion Awards become more competitive, and we are excited to support the healthy competition to drive inclusion in business.”

Disability:IN also launched a campaign during the conference- “Are You IN?”, a call-to-action for CEOs, companies, investors, and business professionals to join in and commit to advance disability inclusion in business.

Winners of the 2020 Disability:IN Inclusion Awards are certainly IN! See below for the Inclusion Award winners and award descriptions.

2020 Top Corporation for Disability-Owned Businesses: Wells Fargo

The Top Corporation for Disability-Owned Business recognizes a corporation that has demonstrated outstanding inclusion of Disability:IN certified disability-owned businesses (including businesses owned by service-disabled veterans), and demonstrated commitment to disability business inclusion in their supply chain processes and corporate supplier diversity programs.

2020 John D. Kemp Leadership Award: Chad Jerdee, Accenture

The John D. Kemp Inclusion Award recognizes an individual who has developed or influenced the development of significant company disability employment programs and/or services that resulted in measurable, tangible and positive outcomes that dramatically improved disability employment opportunities.

2020 ERG/BRG of the Year: Google Disability Alliance

The Employee/Business Resource Group of the Year recognizes a corporate employee resource group (ERG) or business resource group (BRG) as having exemplary programming and practices for its employee group that provides business value to the company and professional growth for its members

2020 NextGen Alum of the Year: Zarin Hamid, PNC Financial Services, Inc.

The NextGen Alum of the Year recognizes an alumnus who has gone above and beyond after participating in Disability:IN’s NextGen Leader Initiatives. This alumnus has not only demonstrated corporate leadership, but has also paved the way forward for future NextGen Leaders.

2020 Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year: Rondu Vincent, Bristol Myers Squibb

The Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year recognizes a procurement champion who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the utilization and growth of disability-owned businesses. They have also provided exceptional support for certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprises- DOBE®s, Veteran-Disability Owned Business Enterprises (V-DOBEs™) and Service-Disabled Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (SDV-DOBEs™).

2020 Supplier of the Year: Dragonfli

The Supplier of the Year recognizes a certified Disability-Owned Business Enterprises- DOBE®s, Veteran-Disability Owned Business Enterprises (V-DOBEs™) or a Service-Disabled Veteran Disability-Owned Business Enterprises (SDV-DOBEs™) supplier that has provided excellent service and serves as a role model for disability business inclusion in the supply chain.

2020 Marketplace Innovator of the Year, Product Category: Starbucks

The Marketplace Innovator of the Year, Product Category recognizes an innovative product(s) that is inclusively designed, to be used for people of all abilities.

2020 Marketplace Innovator of the Year, Advertising & Marketing Category: Voya Financial

The Marketplace Innovator of the Year, Advertising & Marketing Category recognizes a visionary corporation for an advertising or marketing strategy that highlights people with disabilities.

2020 Employer of the Year: Merck

The Employer of the Year recognizes exemplary policies, strategies and initiatives that have resulted in measurable results in the areas of disability inclusiveness in the workplace, marketplace and supply chain.

2020 ERG/BRG Executive Sponsor of the Year: Elizabeth Pinkham, Salesforce

The ERG/BRG Executive Sponsor of the Year Award recognizes an Executive Sponsor of a company’s disability ERG/BRG who has had a measurable impact on disability inclusion at the company and champions disability inclusion across the enterprise.

2020 Affiliate of the Year: Disability:IN North Carolina

The Affiliate of the Year honors a Disability:IN Affiliate that has demonstrated exemplary efforts in promoting the vision, mission and spirit of Disability:IN. This Affiliate helps their territory understand, utilize, and benefit from the valuable resources that people with disabilities present in the workplace, supply chain and marketplace.

About Disability:IN®

Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Partnering with more than 220 corporations, Disability:IN expands opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises. The organization and nearly 30 affiliates raise a collective voice of positive change for people with disabilities in business. Through its programs and services, Disability:IN empowers businesses to achieve disability inclusion and equality, with the goal of advancing inclusion to the point when the organization is no longer necessary.