Disability:IN Procure Access. Simple illustration of various accessible technologies such as Closed Caption, ASL interpretation, digital accessibility, and audio descriptions.

What is Procurement?

The method of discovering and purchasing goods, technology, products, or services from an external source.

What is Procure Access?

A business-to-business initiative that brings together companies to advance accessible procurement in the private sector.

The Statement:

Signatories commit to shared goals:

  • Prioritize accessible procurement.
  • Include people with disabilities in design, development, and procurement.
  • Transparency.
  • Advance accessible procurement globally.

What happens when companies procure inaccessible technology?

  • Disabled employees and customers cannot use technology products or services.
  • Risks employee and customer exclusion and dissatisfaction.

Who is part of Procure Access?

Companies – technology buyers, sellers, and those that are both – wherever they are on the accessible procurement journey.

Who is impacted?

Employees, job applicants, customers, and members of the public.

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