Employee Engagement & Growth Series Playbooks

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Cultivating a Neuroinclusive Culture
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Neuroinclusive Organizational Change Management
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Neuroinclusive Transition to a New Manager
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Neuroinclusive Career Advancement
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Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Employee Engagement & Growth Series Manager Quick Guides

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Organizational Change
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Manager Change
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Career Advancement
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Psychological Safety
Since the release of the original Autism@Work Playbook in 2019, employers from the Neurodiversity@Work Employer Roundtable have had great success and growth with launching and sustaining neurodiversity-focused hiring programs.  With the maturity of each employer’s program, has come an increased need for supporting the growth and development of their neurodivergent workforce.
The Neurodiversity @ Work Playbook: Employee Engagement & Growth Series augments the original Playbook by focusing on best practices and lessons learned related to supporting growth and advancement. This series includes research-based content combined with best practices and lessons learned from over 20 employers including neurotypical and neurodivergent program leads.  Organizations interested in enhancing their culture to be more neuroinclusive will benefit from the guidance provided throughout the entire series.  Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace can help organizations tap into the unique perspectives, skills, and talents of neurodiverse employees, leading to increased creativity, innovation, and success.

Autism @ Work Playbook – Disability:IN

An employer’s guide to learnings, approaches, and insights around starting a similar hiring initiative.

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Autism @ Work Playbook

About this series:

The Neurodiversity @ Work Playbook: Employee Engagement and Growth Series is the product of a series of focus groups led by Dr. Hala Annabi, an associate professor at the University of Washington Information School. Dr. Annabi facilitated discussion in five focus groups including participants from the Neurodiversity at Work Employer Roundtable addressing best practices related to five key areas of opportunity represented in these briefs. Dr. Annabi distilled best practices and developed these guides for other organizations to use to continue to advance neurodiversity employment with input from focus group participants.
“As someone who struggled to find their meaningful place within the world of work, I’ve been so grateful to join this collective of widely different brains, perspectives, and experiences in order to help make employment work for everyone. It has reinforced the idea that it’s embracing how we’re different that makes us stronger together.”
Dave Thompson,
Director of Strategic Programs at Potentia Workforce

Collaborating Partners:

Neurodiversity at Work Employer Roundtable Contributors include: Auticon, Charles Schwab, Dell Technologies, Deloitte, Google, HP Inc., Integrate Autism Employment Advisors, Iterators LLC, John’s Crazy Socks, JPMorgan Chase, Mentra, Microsoft, Neurodiversity in the Workplace, Pfizer, Potentia Workforce, SAP, Simons Foundation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, U.S. Bank, Ultranauts Inc., UnitedHealth Group and Walgreens.