Internal Bristol Myers Squibb research shows that employees who report working in a more inclusive environment are 5.5 times more likely to feel supported experimenting with new ideas, and 20 times more engaged.

Possibility Lives platform launched at Bristol Myers Squibb explains how all of us create an inclusive workplace by practicing the right habits, at the right time, with clear tactical actions.  Working with the global People & Business Resource Group leadership teams, Bristol Myers Squibb developed what they believe are the right habits and actions that can foster inclusion and belonging:

  • Encourage every voice
    The science: Establishing shared goals, along with expressions of affirmation and interpersonal warmth, reliably increases the perception of “in group” status, leading to more efficient and productive cooperation, and greater engagement.
  • Explore new ideas
    The science: Studies show that rejection, fear of evaluation and unfair treatment activate the same region of the brain as physical pain (the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex). This in turn reduces working memory, attention, and the capacity for creative insight.
  • Eliminate barriers
    The science: Allowing time for reflection when deliberating can facilitate new insights or connections in the brain and strengthen intentions to act.

Possibility Lives is powered by a grassroots movement of over 1,000 individuals around the world, generated tens of thousands of internal social media posts as well as electronic signage, videos, podcasts, blogs, and emails. In the end, these habits help develop stronger leaders and colleagues across Bristol Myers Squibb.