In October 2018, fifteen Cork, Ireland-based Boston Scientific mentors from the company’s employee resource group were matched with Disability Support Service (DSS) students from University College Cork enrolled in their DSS Mentoring Program.

Furthermore, employees from the Clonmel, Ireland employee resource group hosted a four-week Wellness Program designed to tackle certain elements of mental health conditions by providing support to promote physical, workplace, family, nutritional and emotional health. The fitness element of the program was taught, in part, by a service user from the Rehabilitation Care Disability Centre who is a qualified fitness instructor but has found difficulty finding paid employment. This opportunity was the fitness instructor’s first time being paid in her area of passion (exercise and fitness).

Over 20 employees have also been trained on-site to be Mental Health Champions, including all senior leadership team members who have direct reports.

Approximately 256 hours were also invested in an in-depth Mental Health Training for Human Resources and People Managers to ensure direct reports receive correct support during crises, along with ensuring that supervisors have self-care tools for themselves as well.