At Disability:IN, we know that digital accessibility is at the intersection of everything and that each of us has a role to play in building a more accessible world. Check out these resources for advancing your digital accessibility journey.

4 Tips from Disability:IN Partners

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1. Commit to Self-Learning

Leaders trying to drive accessibility agendas should commit to self-learning. Commit to listening to and understanding the lived experiences of people with disabilities. Commit to making incremental change every day.

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2. Target Accessibility in Your Respective Area

Understand the area that you’re in and drive accessibility in this area. Understand the requirements of your respective area, educate the product owner, and focus on ways you can drive impact here before broadening out.

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3. Be Intentional and Inclusive

Be intentional about inclusivity and building a team that is representative of the population you’re building for. Nothing about us without us. Be intentional about including people with disabilities at every phase of the process.

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4. Explore What Others are Doing

Explore more from our partners in the Disability Equality Index Best Practices Collection here.

Disability:IN Procure Access

Procure Access

Procure Access is a business-to-business initiative that brings together companies to advance accessible procurement in the private sector. Learn more about Procure Access and Accessible Procurement here:

Disability:IN’s Monthly Digital Accessibility Roundup

Stay up-to-date and get inspired with our monthly roundup of digital accessibility news, resources, and events

Disability:IN Digital Accessibility Resources

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Webinar: Digital Accessibility in the Workplace and Marketplace

Disability:IN’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jeff Wissel joined Disability:IN Chicagoland for a webinar on the importance of Digital Accessibility in the Workplace and Marketplace.

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Webinar: How to Implement Digital Accessibility

Part of the Inclusion Works Winter 2022 meeting, this webinar was moderated by Disability:IN’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jeff Wissel, with panelists Scott Ballina (Citrix), Monica Ackerman (Scotiabank), and Monica Goel (CVS Health).

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6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Creating Accessible Virtual Meetings

Our six tips to keep in mind for accessible, virtual meetings include tips on: accommodations, virtual platform, facilitation, recording the session, accessibility, and work styles.

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12 Tips to Create Inclusive & Accessible Hybrid Meetings

Twelve tips to keep in mind for inclusive hybrid meetings including considerations for: accommodations, platform, location, accessibility, and more.

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Advancing Accessibility Day-to-Day

Each of us has a role to play in building inclusive workplaces. Check out these resources on ways you can advance accessibility in your day-to-day life: