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12 Tips to Keep in Mind for Creating Inclusive and Accessible Hybrid Meetings

1) Virtual Platform

Choose a virtual platform that is compatible with captions and provides an opportunity to pin a sign language interpreter.

2) Location

Select a meeting room that is accessible to everyone. If the meeting will be held off-site, consider touring the venue ahead of time to ensure that it meets accessibility standards.

3) Accessible Transit

In addition to providing adequate amounts of accessible parking spaces for in-person attendees, consider including clearly marked signs designated for van-accessible parking spaces.

4) Registration

Provide a contact for accessibility barriers during registration and to assist with virtual and in-person accommodations during the event.

5) Accommodations

During registration, include a form for people to submit accommodation requests prior to the event.

6) Event Instructions

Send detailed instructions for joining the event for both online and in person – including an agenda, link, physical map, and necessary meeting materials prior to the event.

7) Describe Presentation Content

Provide audio descriptions of content – like presentation slides or videos – during the event.

8) Chat Functionality

Be mindful to read the chat comments and Q&A aloud, or completely turn off the chat function to accommodate screen reader users or presenters who may not be able to closely monitor the chat.

9) Captions & Sign Language Interpretation

Incorporate live captions and the use of a sign language interpreter(s) during the event and breakout sessions for both in-person and virtual attendees.

10) Accessible Captions

To best include people who are deafblind, encourage the use of third-party apps to access captions in real-time during the event.

11) Live Transcript

Provide a live transcript after the event along with event notes, action items and the location of where attendees can find shared materials online.

12) Feedback

Accessibility and inclusion is a journey. Provide channels for participants to offer feedback or recommendations for future meetings and events.