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Disability Definition

The definition of disability in Vietnam comes from the Disability Ordinance, August 1998.

Disabled persons by definition of this Ordinance, irrespective of the causes of the disability, are defective of one or many parts of the body or functions which are shown in different forms of disability, and which reduce the capability of activity and causes many difficulties to work, life and studies.’


Law No. 51/2010/QH12 of the National Assembly: LAW OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES: Provides for the rights and obligations of people with disabilities; responsibility of the State, family, and society towards people with disabilities.

Employer Legal Requirements

Vietnam has a quota law requiring all forms of business to hire 3% of their workforce as disabled employees. Businesses that do not comply are subject to a fine, which is placed in a provincial level Employment Fund for People with Disabilities to support vocational training, employment and entrepreneurship for people with disabilities

ILO – INCLUDE: Service Mapping Report of Vocational Training and Employment for People with Disabilities in Vietnam pg. 28

Accessibility Requirements

Based on Vietnam’s compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article 5, Section 3), employers must ensure reasonable accommodations.

Reasonable accommodations: “Making reasonable adjustments in the workplace refers to measures or actions taken by employers to help disabled persons work or to take part in training on the same basis as nondisabled workers. Most workers with disabilities require no special adjustments and the cost for those who do is minimal, or much lower that many employers believe”.

Cultural Norms

According to the International Labor Organization, “views on disability have evolved considerably over the past two decades. From being treated as objects of charity, medical services and welfare, there is now more general acceptance of people with disabilities as citizens with legal rights”.

Business Practices/Examples

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According to the census in 2009, more than six million people in Vietnam, age 5 or older, or approximately 7.8 per cent of the population, have a disability.

“In the world of work, few people with disabilities have stable jobs and regular incomes. Many remain outside of formal employment systems. As a group, they have lower labour participation rates and higher unemployment rates in both rural and urban areas than people without disabilities. In urban areas, disabled persons are three times more likely to be unemployment than persons without disabilities”. International Labor Organization

Supplier Diversity

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Talent Sourcing Resources

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Additional Resources

The Disabled People’s Association in Hanoi – Raising awareness and contributing to protecting PWD’s rights and interests.


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