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Disability Definition

Disability is defined as permanent and substantial functional limitation of daily life activities caused by physical, mental or sensory impairment and environmental barriers resulting in limited participations

Over the years definitions of categories have changed from the impairments approach to limitation in participation. This policy will focus on the following disabilities;

  1. Difficulty in hearing;
  2. Difficulty in speaking and conveying messages;
  3. iii. Difficulty in moving around and using other body parts;
  4. Difficulty in seeing;
  5. Strange behaviour;
  6. Epilepsy;
  7. Difficulty in learning;
  8. Leprosy;
  9. Loss of feeling.
  10. Multiple disabilities ( A combination of any of the above disabilities)

Reference: National Policy on Disability in Uganda


In 2009, the Discrimination Act was introduced in Sweden, its general purpose being to The Constitution of Uganda, 1995: Article 21 prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities. Uganda is one of the few countries in the world to recognize sign language in its Constitution.

Constitution Persons with Disabilities Act: an Act to provide for the respect and promotion of the fundamental and other human rights and freedoms of persons with disabilities; to reestablish the National Council for Disability as the National Council for Persons with Disabilities; to transfer the property of the Uganda Foundation for the Blind to the National Council for Persons with Disabilities; to provide for the local government councils for persons with disabilities; to repeal the Persons with Disabilities Act, the National Council for Disability Act and the Uganda Foundation for the Blind Act, and to provide for related matters.

Employer Legal Requirements

Under section 9 of the Persons with Disabilities Act, an employer shall not discriminate against a person with a disability, on the basis of the disability of that person. An employer shall—

(a) in any advertisement for a job, where appropriate, encourage persons with disabilities to apply for the job;

(b) provide an applicant with a disability who applies for a job, reasonable accommodation necessary to undertake the job interview; and

(c) provide an employee with a disability reasonable accommodation in the performance of the job or task.

The Persons with Disabilities Act, 2006, makes provisions for the elimination of all forms of discriminations against people with disabilities and towards equal opportunities. Also provides for a tax reduction of 15 per cent to private employers who employ ten or more persons with disabilities either as regular employees, apprentice or learner on a full time basis.

Accessibility Requirements

Under section 10 of the Persons with Disabilities Act, an owner or a person in charge of a building to which the public is allowed access shall, subject to the requirements of the laws on building standards and other relevant laws, provide appropriate access for persons with disabilities to the building.

In subsection (1) “provide appropriate accessibility for persons with disabilities, to the building” means—

(a) putting in place accessible and easy to find entrances which are connected to accessible pathways and parking areas;

(b) providing safe and accessible toilets, urinals and bathrooms;

(c) providing safe and well dimensioned staircases with appropriate railing, accessible elevators; and

(d) where necessary, providing ramps.

Cultural Norms

Persons with disabilities in Uganda are neglected in many aspects of society. They are underrepresented in terms of social, political, physical, and economic situations because access to their basic needs in these fields are limited.

Business Practices/Examples

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From the Uganda Bureau of Statistics Census Report, about 12.4% of the population is living with a disability. It was found that disabilities are the most “prevalent amongst women (15%) than men (10%); higher in rural areas (15%) than in urban areas (12%).”

Supplier Diversity

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Talent Sourcing Resources

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Additional Resources

The National Union of Disabled Persons – “An umbrella organization that advocates for the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities’ and their concerns in the mainstream development processes.”

The National Union of Women with Disabilities of Uganda – “A membership organization bringing together women and girls with disabilities to have a stronger and unified voice to advocate for their rights and equal opportunities and to fight injustice and violence against women and girls with disabilities.”


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