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Disability Definition

Disabled is the person who has difficulties in adapting to the social life and in meeting daily needs due to the loss of physical, mental, psychological, sensory and social capabilities at various levels by birth or by any reason thereafter and who therefore need protection, care, rehabilitation, consultancy and support services. b) Disability criterion is the criterion which is prepared on the basis of the international basic criterion and which is revised when deemed necessary. c) Person with mild disability is the person who is defined as slightly disabled according to the disability criterion. d) Person with severe disability is the person who is defined as substantially disabled according to the disability criterion. e) Care dependant disabled person is the person, among those documented by an official health council report as substantially disabled according to the disability classification, who is so impaired that he/she cannot maintain his/her life without the assistance and care of others because he/she is not able to substantially perform the habitual and repetitive requirements of the daily life.

Reference: Law on Disabled People – Turkey


Turkey: Law No. 5378 of 2005 on Disabled People and on making amendments in some laws and decree laws: “The objective of this Law is to prevent disability, to enable the disabled people to join the society by taking measures which will provide the solution of their problems regarding health, education, rehabilitation, employment, care and social security and the removal of the obstacles they face and to make the necessary arrangements for the coordination of these services” Law No. 5378 on Disabled People

Employer Legal Requirements

Labour Act of Turkey No. 4857: A regulation regarding the employment of people with disabilities. Article 30 of the Labour Act states that the establishments employing fifty or more employees shall employ disabled persons and ex-convicts. The total ratio of disabled employees to be employed within the scope shall be 3% in the private establishments and 4% in the public sector while the ratio for the ex-convicts shall be two per cent for the public sector.

For employers who have more than one establishment within the boundaries of a province, the number of disabled persons that the employer must employ shall be computed according to the total number of employees. (An Analysis of the Labour Market Based on Disability)

Accessibility Requirements

“Accessibility Support Project (ERDEP), that is being carried out by EYHGM, aims extending accessibility to provincial and national borders by means of good practices and raising awareness on accessibility. EYHGM provides specialized and technical knowledge support for piloting areas or modelling practices that aim ensuring accessibility of vital physical environments such as sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, parks, playgrounds, public toilets, parking lots, mass transportation stops and public buildings with high numbers of visitors such as provincial directorates of ministries, municipality service buildings, governor’s buildings, museums, health care centres, hospitals and schools.” (The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policy General Directorate of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly)

Cultural Norms

Based on research from the Administration for Disabled People affiliated with the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey in 2008, the general attitude towards people with disabilities is positive. They are not considered a burden in business, family, or educational life and people are very open and eager for the training of disabled people and their access to employment and social life.

An Analysis of the Labour Market Based on Disability – (1.4.5)

The attitude towards employment of people with disabilities is also said to be positive but is not reflected by the employment ratio of disabled persons. The education level of disabled people is very low leading to limited job opportunities subjecting them to social exclusion. An Analysis of the Labour Market Based on Disability – (1.4.6)

Business Practices/Examples

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According to “An Analysis of the Labour Market in terms of Disability”, realized by the General Directorrate of Services for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly People in 2011:

“Turkey has one of the lowest scores in terms of employment rate of overall population with 48%. Similarly, employment ratio of people with disabilities to employment of overall population is 44%”

“Employment rate of women with disabilities in Turkey is three times behind the world average”

Supplier Diversity

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Talent Sourcing Resources

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Additional Resources

IPA Project on Improving Integration of Persons with Disabilities into Society: This project aimed to strengthen the capacity of CSOs working in disability field and institutional capacity of Administration for Disabled People, hoping to ensure equal access to goods, services and all aspects of life, to people with disabilities.


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