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Disability Definition

Disability in the Slovak Republic is defined as 41% functional impairment (and reduction of ability to work), while impairment exceeding 50% is considered as “severe disability”.


Anti-Discrimination Act – 365/2004 Coll. In order to apply the principle of equal treatment in relation to a person with a disability, employers shall take measures to enable such a person to have access to a particular job, to perform a certain activity in employment, to a functional or other career or to have access to vocational training; this does not apply if the adoption of such measures would be disproportionately difficult for the employer.
In assessing whether the adoption of measures pursuant to paragraph 1 is unduly demanding, account shall be taken of:
the benefit that the adoption of the measure would bring to the person with a disability,
the employer’s financial capacity, including the availability of financial or other assistance needed to take action; and
the possibility of achieving the purpose of the measure referred to in paragraph 1 by other, alternative means.
It is not considered unreasonably demanding to take such a measure, which the employer is obliged to take according to special regulations.
Non-compliance with the principle of equal treatment on grounds of disability shall also be deemed to constitute a refusal or omission by the employer to take measures pursuant to paragraph

Employer Legal Requirements

Law No. 4/2004 – A company that employs more than 20 people must employ 3.2% of disabled citizens, the lack of any such state employee pay deductions for failure to comply with the mandatory proportion of employment of persons with disabilities

The alternative option is to use substitute performance and award a contract or buy the products and services of the sheltered workshop (Alternative admission) employing people with disabilities (Supported Employment)

Accessibility Requirements

Slovakia is a signatory of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. They adopted and will apply the provisions of article 27(1)(a).

Article 9 CRPD: The Academic Network of European Disability Experts (ANED)

Cultural Norms

Based on the study from Human European Consultancy in 2021, the gaps between the disabled and non-disabled populations have been slightly narrowed. However, these positive trends hide disadvantages, especially for people with severe disabilities.

“Status of people with intellectual disabilities who are deprived from legal capacity or have limited legal capacity remains challenging – Slovakia has not yet adopted the reform of guardianship into supported decision-making mechanisms, as recommended by the UN Committee in its 2016 Concluding Observations”. (European Semester 2020-2021 Country Fiche on Disability Equality)

Business Practices/Examples

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Supplier Diversity

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Talent Sourcing Resources

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Additional Resources

Slovak Disability Council – “Is the umbrella organisation representing organisations of persons with Disabilities in Slovakia and defends the rights and interests of persons with disabilities”.


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