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Disability Definition

“A person with a disability is a person whose type and severity of his/ her disability is determined by State Welfare Organization (SWO) and is confirmed by the medical/ rehabilitation commission. Persons with disabilities face considerable limitations in their daily activities and social life due to their physical, sensory (visual, auditory), intellectual, psychological or a combination of multiple health issues.”


Articles 3, 9, and 17 of the Comprehensive Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities Act state that “all people are equal in rights and before the law. Persons with disabilities without discrimination and on the basis of the Constitution and ordinary laws are entitled to the full and equal access and enjoyment of facilities as non-disabled persons.”

CRPD Report Islamic Republic of Iran

Employer Legal Requirements

Comprehensive Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, Article 7: The Government is obliged to arrange the following facilities to provide job opportunities for the disabled persons:

(a) Assigning at least 3% of the employment permits (official, contractual, labor) of the Governmental and public entities including ministries, organizations, institutions, corporations, public and revolutionary institutions and other organizations which use public budget to the qualified disabled persons;

(b) Supplying the insurance premium of the employer by the SWO, and paying it to those who employ the disabled persons;

(c) Paying credit facilities to the productive, service, constructive and retail units as well as to supportive workshops in reward for employing the disabled persons whose numbers are specified in the annual budgeting act;

(d) Paying credit facilities of self-employment (the managed funds) to disabled persons, the amount of which is specified in the annual budgeting rules;
(e) Paying credit facilities (the managed funds) to employment units where more than 60% of their share and capital is possessed by the disabled, in order to establish employment productive and service units;

(f) Assigning at least 60% of the organizational positions as a telephone operator, clerk and typist to the blinds, semi-blinds, physically-disabled and mobility impaired people in Governmental organizations and corporations and public institutes

Accessibility Requirements

Comprehensive Law on the Protection of Persons with Disabilities, Article 2: “All the ministries, Governmental organizations, institutions, corporations and public and revolutionary institutions are obliged to plan, manufacture, and establish the public buildings, places, passages, and service means to provide the disabled with access and benefit, as with usual people.”

Cultural Norms

The prevalence of disabilities in Iran is increasing through the years. There is not one agreed upon defintion of disability, which makes it hard to collect informative data.

Business Practices/Examples

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Supplier Diversity

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Talent Sourcing Resources

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Additional Resources

Iranian Disability Support Association – “The goal of this association is to defend the civil and human rights of disabled Iranians living in both Britain and in Iran so that they can live better, more human and more independent lives.”


Disability Association of Tavana – This organization prides itself on the disabled helping the disabled.

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