The Missing Piece

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Video Transcript

What makes a business successful? Image? Revenue? Returns? Of course, those are all important.

But what if there’s a missing piece that could drive your company’s success in a more meaningful way?

What if…that piece was a shift in mindset? One that creates long-term sustainability, cultural transformation for your business, and enhances your impact on society.

What if that missing piece was gaining access to a talented, dedicated workforce that expressed distinct ideas and are exceptional problem solvers?

What if that piece also helps improve your organization’s performance by developing strong leadership, fueling innovation and productivity…

What if… It opens your mind to even bigger ideas—where empathy and inclusion can live side by side with competitiveness and growth…To create a company where diversity is truly celebrated by investors, customers and employees alike?

What if you discovered that the missing piece is actually not missing at all.

It’s everywhere and…it’s already part of your organization.

This piece…is people with disabilities.

1 billion people worldwide have a disability. Your customers, employees and other stakeholders probably have a connection to disability, be it themselves, their family members, or colleagues.

Companies that recognize and leverage the value of people with disabilities enjoy significant gains in profitability, increased innovation, improved shareholder value and an enhanced reputation. They are the leaders in building a sustainable future that includes and empowers everyone.

To make all of this happen, you only have to say “yes” to one simple question:
Are you IN?

Production Credit

Disability:IN’s new brand video “The Missing Piece” and its Spanish and French translated versions, were illustrated, animated and produced by Dusty Studio, a certified disability-owned business enterprise (DOBE).