Pitch Perfect Challenge. Geometric illustration of seven individuals with one Deaf person in the middle pitching their business.

We are excited to announce the semi-finalists for the Disability:IN 2024 Pitch Perfect Challenge!

During the semi-finals, Disability Owned Buiness Enterprises (DOBEs) will give their virtual pitches live to corporate decision-makers and fellow entrepreneurs. Three DOBEs, including one “People’s Choice” to be selected via social voting, will advance to the Final Round at the Disability:IN Global Conference in July.
Semi-Finals are open to the public and will be held virtually on Wednesday, May 29 from 12:00-1:00 ET.
Attend the Virtual Semi-Finals
Craig Radford headshot

Craig Radford

360 Direct Video

360 Direct Video specializes in providing accessible customer support and answering services customized for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Utilizing our cutting-edge platform powered by WebRTC technology, businesses can effortlessly offer video customer support in sign language to their clientele, both current and prospective.

This service elevates customer support experiences, fostering customer loyalty and acquisition, streamlines communication by replacing lengthy calls with English-speaking representatives, and contributes to job opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

360 Direct Video

Ann Nguyen-Chung headshot

Ann Nguyen-Chung


Hippotanicals is a sustainable holistic body care brand. Products range from lip balms, to lotion bars, to toothpaste tablets. Ingredients are all-natural and vegan. Packaging is both plastic-free and biodegradable.

Hippotanicals Body Care

Ben Brooks headshot

Ben Brooks

Pilot Inc.

PILOT is a certified DOBE and LGBT-BE, and will be celebrating 10 years since they started their journey, with a mission “for everyone to feel powerful at work.” With its award-winning virtual program, PILOT believes the key to improving the employee experience and driving DEI progress is fostering leadership at all levels by boosting productivity, morale, and engagement.

Pilot logo
Angela Stephens headshot

Angela Stephens

Re-focus the Creative Office

Do you forget your passwords or dates? Re-Focus, The Creative Office offers positive solutions to help make work, school or life easier and less tasking for individuals. Small business owners, parents, students, or teachers who may live with ADHD, ADD, dementia, anxiety, or simply anyone facing life’s daily challenges will benefit from these creative tools.
Re Focus Logo
Ryan Mayer headshot

Ryan Mayer

Ryan Mayer Coaching, LLC

Ryan Mayer is a certified ADHD Coach, master facilitator, and neuro inclusion specialist. Ryan’s interactive training experiences help teams to mitigate risk, improve efficiency, and increase revenue by mobilizing the FULL spectrum of all neurotypes through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, which will also allow you to avoid the cost of loss productivity due to employee disengagement, which the American Medical Association estimate costs companies as much as $550 billion annually in the United States.

Ryan Mayer logo
Kyle Nelson headshot

Kyle Nelson

VION Capital (Toilet Totes)

VION Capital is the global distributor of Toilet Totes. Toilet Totes is an infectious disease reduction product that has been independently shown to reduce certain infection rates by up to 33%! We save lives and reduce overall healthcare costs so that we can all have more affordable and safe healthcare.

VION logo