Inclusion means that all employees, customers, and suppliers are empowered to participate meaningfully and fully. At Disability:IN, we know that inclusion cannot exist without digital accessibility. That is why we are proud to announce the launch of the Procure Access initiative, a business-to-business initiative facilitated by Disability:IN that brings together companies to advance accessible procurement in the private sector.

Through the following five characters, we invite you to imagine what could be possible if companies prioritize the buying and selling of technology that is accessible to people with disabilities. Sammi, Matt, Gabi, Amir and Erica represent the human impact of the Procure Access initiative on individuals across an organization.

Meet them below:

Simple illustration of Sammi, a white, Blind, non-binary analyst. They use a white cane.


Sammi is a blind data analyst seeking a new role with expanded work-from-home options. In the past, they’ve been unable to access several aspects of the application process that were not accessible to them as someone using a screen reader.

They’ve recently found a role that they’re really excited about at a Health Technology company. As signatories of the Procure Access Statement, the company uses an accessible Applicant Tracking System that is screen-reader-friendly. Sammi was able to submit their application.

Their initial interview is on Monday.

Simple illustration of Matt, a Latiné man with a mobility disability. He uses a wheelchair.


It’s Matt’s first week in his new role at a tech company. As part of his onboarding process, he’s working his way through several mandatory training modules. Because his company has signed the Procure Access Statement, they use a Learning Management System that meets his access needs as someone using keyboard-only navigation. Matt is able to complete his onboarding knowing that he’ll be empowered to participate meaningfully at this company.

Now the only thing Matt has to worry about is memorizing the names of his new coworkers.

Simple illustration of Gabi, an East Asian woman.


Gabi works in Human Resources for a financial company and is responsible for approving employee vacation requests. As signatories of the Procure Access Statement, her company evaluated and selected a Vacation Tracking System that is fully accessible and usable by all employees. Employees are able to submit their requests independently and Gabi is able to streamline her workflow.

Simple illustration of Amir, a South Asian man with low vision. He has a service dog.


Amir is the owner of a certified disability-owned business who’s recently signed a contract with a drugstore chain to provide personal protective equipment for their stores in the Midwest. Because this company has signed the Procure Access Statement, they have evaluated and selected a Vendor Onboarding Software that meets Amir’s access needs as someone with low vision. Not only is Amir able to onboard, but he also knows that he will be supported in his relationship with the company.

Simple illustration of Erica, a Black woman who is Hard of Hearing. She wears a cochlear implant.


Erica has recently been having issues with delayed notifications on the messaging app her team uses. Because the company behind the app has signed the Procure Access Statement, they offer multiple options for connecting with a support agent. As someone who is hard of hearing, Erica is able to Live Chat with the agent and resolve her concern within minutes. Erica leaves the interaction knowing that she can receive support from this company at any point in the future.

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