By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Total Participating Companies485
Companies with Non-U.S. Operations 374
Total U.S.-Based Employees16.9 million
Total Non-U.S.-Based Employees13.2 million
Industries represented30
Median Disability Self Identification Percentage*4.6%
Median New Hire Disability Self Identification Percentage*4.5%
Number of Top Scoring Companies405
Number of Companies that Scored 100294
Number of Companies that scored 9066
Number of Companies that scored 8045
Presented as a median value across companies that voluntarily report disability workforce data

Top 10 Industries Represented in 2023 DEI

Banking, Financial, and Asset Management58
Healthcare, Health Service, and Healthcare Medical Facilities47
Consulting and Professional Services40
Retail and E-Commerce25
Energy and Utilities22
Food, Beverage, and Groceries14

DEI Growth

Total DEI Participants

Bar graph showing "Total DEI Participants" has risen 17% from 80 
participants in 2015 to 483 participants in 2023.

Fortune 100

Bar graph showing "Fortune 100" has risen 3% from 25 
participants in 2015 to 71 participants in 2023.

Fortune 500

Bar graph showing "Fortune 500" has risen 10% from 58 
participants in 2015 to 207 participants in 2023.

Am Law 200

Bar graph showing "Am Law 200" has risen 29% from 0 
participants in 2015 to 9 participants in 2023.

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