Disability Equality Index 2024 Report

Disability Equality Index 2024 Report

Disability Equality Index®


Welcome to the 2024 Disability Equality Index® Report. This year, we celebrate two significant milestones: the 10th anniversary of the Disability Equality Index and the internationalization of the benchmark. These achievements mark years of progress and a new chapter in our collective journey toward disability inclusion.

This report documents the growing importance of disability data in global business culture. Companies use the information contained in these pages to benchmark their disability inclusive initiatives; to communicate these initiatives to employees, consumers, regulators, and investors; and to drive long-term value creation that accompanies disability-inclusive workforces. The Disability Equality Index is instrumental to over 750 business leaders who have committed to collecting, benchmarking, and progressing toward disability in the workforce.

Ten years ago, the Index was created to drive change in disability inclusion within businesses; today, the Index also is a key dimension of organizational sustainability that enables companies to track actions that foster disability inclusion while creating long term value for employees and shareholders and mitigating risk from increasingly rigorous legislative requirements to account for disability in the global workforce.

While we’ve measured evidence of significant progress over the past decade, it is up to each of us to take action to drive this work forward.

So… Are you IN?

Various round shapes in blues and greens stacked in tetris style, with each shape showing a business professional with a disability engaging with technology and others.

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