ESG Investors now considering Disability Inclusion as the Next Frontier
The Disability Equality Index highlights top inclusive companies

2015: Disability Equality Index pilot launched, with founding partners

October 2018: Accenture Report released, “Companies Leading in Disability Inclusion Have Outperformed Peers”

December 2018: Ted Kennedy, Jr., Chad Jerdee and Jenny Lay-Flurrie send letters to all Fortune 1000 CEOs and Am Law 200.

January 2019: New York State Comptroller DiNapoli Calls on Major Corporations to Report on Disability Inclusion, sends first round of letters to CEOs.

May 2019: National Investors Call for Workplace Disability Inclusion; investor group led by NY State Comptroller DiNapoli and Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read launches with $1 Trillion in AUM.

May 2019: Comptroller DiNapoli sends second round of letters to CEOs.

May 2019: Ted Kennedy, Jr. sends letters to all Fortune 1000 CEOs and Am Law 200.

July 2019: Bank of America joins investor group, raising total AUM to $2.1 Trillion.

September 2019: CT Treasurer Wooden calls on major corporations to adopt disability inclusion practices and reporting, sending direct letters to 20 of CT pension funds’ top holdings.

October 2019: NY State Comptroller DiNapoli sends third round of letters to 46 CEOs urging more inclusive practices. (See total CEO recipients.)

November 2019: BlackRock American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN facilitate forward-thinking dialogue on disability inclusion with investors and global inclusion leaders.