Are you missing the opportunity to attract or retain a highly motivated and qualified segment of the working population? Research shows that disabled people have higher levels of motivation, innovation, loyalty, problem-solving skills, and the ability to identify creative solutions. And it’s time to retire the outdated perception of disabled employees as needing wheelchairs or seeing-eye dogs.

A wide range of health conditions or impairments qualify a person as disabled, including loss of hearing, a broken leg from a skiing accident, autoimmune fatigue, the need for regular medical treatment such as dialysis or chemotherapy, neurodivergence or having a mental illness. Indeed, most of us will experience some period of disability in our lives due to accident, sport injuries, illness or aging. “One in four Americans has a disability and 70% of disabilities are not [visually] apparent,” according to a conversation with Jill Houghton, President and CEO of Disability:IN, a global organization driving disability inclusion and equality in business.

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