Honoring Marca Bristo

Black and white photo of the 1980 Access Living Staff, including Marca.

Access Living has been advocating for the right of people with disabilities to live fully-engaged and self-directed lives since 1980. Pictured here are the staff of the organization during that first year. Marca Bristo is on the far left. | Access Living

We are deeply sadden to hear about Marca Bristo’s passing. Under her leadership, Marca brought the diverse disability community together and lifted people up. Her approach was always one of gratitude, humbleness, and kindness. She was instrumental in the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act and ultimately paved a road for others to follow behind her.

On a 2009 episode of Disability Matters with Joyce Bender, Marca stated:

“Change only happens when a united disability community is working together. It’s as if the first 10-15 years of our advocacy had to go into leveling the playing field, such as transportation and physical accessibility. Now the work had to turn into much more progressive concepts – to promote the employment of people with disabilities.”

Marca gave a final charge to Disability:IN to continue the work of the Disability Equality Index(DEI), in partnership with the Americans Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), increase the transparency of corporate best practices of disability inclusion, and move the needle on the unemployment rate of people with disabilities.

Your life has impacted the lives of millions. We will work hard to make you proud.

Call to Action for Fortune 1000 Companies:
Participating companies in the DEI are driving change and impact through transparency of best practices. Join IN and start building an inclusive business by registering for the 2020 DEI.

A True Friend, Activist and Leader

Pictured above: Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Jill Houghton, and Marca Bristo

Photo of Jill Houghton and Marca

Pictured above: Jill Houghton and Marca Bristo