“I feel like I’m in a place where I can learn and grow and be accepted for being different. That’s a huge thing that Bank of America is accepting people with learning disabilities like myself. I feel like I beat my disability.” – Alan P.

Bank of America wants to be an employer of choice by creating an environment where all teammates, including those with hidden or visible disabilities, have an opportunity to succeed and achieve their goals.

“We work every day to make sure that we’re creating a workplace where all our employees can reach their full potential,” said Sheri Bronstein, Bank of America chief human resources officer. “Our commitment to inclusion is evident in our benefits and programs designed to support those with disabilities and ensure that all employees can make meaningful contributions at our company.”

Support for employees with disabilities: The bank’s Disability Advocacy Network (DAN) supports employees with disabilities, as well as employees who have family members, friends or clients with disabilities, by connecting them to opportunities for professional growth and development, holding information forums, and providing opportunities for community involvement. DAN members also educate the company about topics that are important to the disability community, holding employee and community events focused on special needs planning, resources for children with learning disabilities, disability etiquette and services available at the bank.

The bank’s Support Services team is an in-house marketing and fulfillment operation made up of 300 employees with intellectual disabilities, who support every major line of business within the enterprise. The group operates in multiple locations and everything they touch affects the customer. As Support Services senior executive Mark Feinour explains, “We’re just like any other business. We just happen to have a different talent pool that we draw from.” Learn more about Support Services.

Being magnetic for top talent, including people with disabilities: One-half of the world’s population is touched by disabilities, and the employees at Bank of America reflect this global reality. Bank of America has staffing teammates dedicated to disability hiring, who partner with external disability organizations to help get referrals into the company’s pipeline. The bank partners with national agencies and local community-based organizations to provide people with disabilities equal access to employment opportunities. This extends to disabled veterans and partnerships with organizations like the Department of Defense’s Hiring our Heroes, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Goodwill Industries.

To further demonstrate commitment, this year, Bank of America is IN as a signatory of the Joint Investor Statement on Disability Inclusion, doubling the assets managed by the investor coalition to a total of $2.8 trillion, encouraging companies they invest in to advance inclusion of people with disabilities.

Bank of America is IN. Are you IN?

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