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Category: Neurodiversity / Autism

Neurodiversity at Work Playbook: Employee Engagement & Growth Series

The Neurodiversity @ Work Playbook: Employee Engagement & Growth Series augments the original Playbook by focusing on best practices and lessons learned related to supporting growth and advancement. This series includes research-based content combined with best practices and lessons learned from over 20 employers including neurotypical and neurodivergent program leads.

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Autism @ Work Playbook

The Autism @ Work Playbook is the product of a collaborative research project, Autism-Ready Workplace: Creating and Sustaining Autism Hiring Initiatives, led by Dr. Hala Annabi, an associate professor at the University of Washington Information School. To create this guide, the ACCESS-IT Research Group at the Information School studied the Autism @ Work programs of four leading employers: Microsoft, SAP, JPMorgan Chase and EY.

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Disability Inclusion Global Best Practices Report

The Disability Equality Index (DEI), a joint initiative with the American Association of People with Disabilities, is a benchmarking tool that provides an objective score and roadmap on disability inclusion policies and practices. Businesses with international operations that take the DEI are asked to respond to a set of questions on the inclusiveness of their global operations. This report highlights the global best practices of international companies that scored 80 or above on the 2019 DEI.

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