Disability:IN CMO & CCO Coalition

CMO & CCO Coalition

Driving Access and Inclusion in Marketing and Communications

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About the Coalition

Disability:IN’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Communications Officer (CCO) endeavors to accelerate disability inclusion across the marketing and communications professions at large.

Members of the coalition are committed to focusing on measurable and tangible actions related to six shared objectives across the marketing and communications profession and their respective organizations:

1. Representation

Facilitating the accurate, affirming, and authentic representation of people with disabilities throughout marketing and communications.

2. Education

Fostering awareness and continued learning on accessibility and inclusion best practices in marketing and communications.

3. Employment

Creating and sustaining marketing and communications employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

4. Thought Leadership

Act as thought leaders in this space to elevate the conversation on disability inclusion into the mainstream.

5. Accessibility Content

Developing strategies for advancing accessible content in marketing and communications.

6. Community

Amplifying and expanding coalition membership as well as creating an open community of progress to share and learn about best and evolving practices.

Coalition members and their teams will regularly convene to advance the six shared objectives, including at the annual Disability:IN Global Conference & Expo, to share progress on workstreams, learnings from their organization’s disability inclusion efforts, and to analyze initiatives and trends focused on disability inclusion in marketing and communications.


Under the leadership of co-chairs Jill Kramer (CMO of Accenture) and John Pluhowski (CCO of TD Bank) the coalition is comprised of CMOs and CCOs from Disability:IN’s partner companies to drive disability inclusion within their organizations and throughout the industry.

Jill Kramer headshot

Jill Kramer

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Accenture

John Pluhowski headshot

John Pluhowski

Chief Communications Officer of TD Bank, N.A.

Participating Companies Include

Adobe, Experian, SAP.

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To learn more about the Coalition and to express interest in joining, please email us.

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