Man smiles while typing on computer. Next to him are two others working and one is a wheelchair user.
This is a segment of our COVID-19 response series. Learn more about the series or browse additional content at COVID-19 and the Workforce.

DOBE Supplier Shortlist

Disability:IN certifies disability-owned business enterprises (DOBEs), including veteran-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses through our Supplier Diversity program.

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disability:IN has compiled a ‘short list’ of DOBEs, organized by industry/field. During these challenging times, we must stand by our values and mission, and continue to support these businesses.

  • Accessibility
    • Versatile Interpreting Services: Live captioning and VRI (video remote interpreting) services enabling deaf and hard-of-hearing people to participate in meetings, webinars, and other business activities held remotely.
    • Caption First: Real time captioning during remote meetings and streams; Open captioning for internal and external-facing videos.
  • Training & Consulting Services
    • 4 Directions Consulting and Coaching: Executive Coaching with an emphasis on the basics of navigating the ever-changing landscape of leadership.
    • AE Works: Business Continuity planning and workplace safety and security consulting.
    • Certify My Company/Diversity Masterminds: Business UNusual learning webinar on conducting business during a challenging business environment.
    • Client Confidant: Business intelligence including supplier performance reviews and voice of the customer processes during this time of fewer interactions.
    • iDisability/Bender Consulting Services: eLearning solutions for coronavirus response strategies *iDisability & Bender Consulting are offering two free e-learning modules on mental health and emergency preparedness.
    • O’Brien Communications: Crisis planning, management, and communications, including media relations.
    • Red Company: Virtual meeting and training options that include participant engagement, live Q&A, polling and gamification; Home Office Kits, Couch Conference Kits or Stay Well Kits.
    • Wet Cement: Online and in-person training, coaching, and consulting empowering people, teams and organizations to fearlessly achieve their potential.
  • Financial Services
    • Bancroft Capital: Cash management services; underwriting, trading/execution and financial advisory services.
  • HR & Staffing
    • Allied Staff Augmentation Partners: Employee onboarding and offboarding services; payroll and benefits services; contract or temporary employee recruitment.
    • Averworx: DOT and non-DOT drug testing assistance for the entire lifecycle of a drug screen using remote capabilities.
    • Rangam Consultants: Inclusive workforce solutions, serving customers from life sciences, technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare, banking, and finance industry for remote, contingent/temp, and permanent hirings for all labor categories.
    • TechTrueUp: Full-service staffing and talent acquisition services accommodating COVID-19 requirements and timelines, including candidate pre-screening.
  • Janitorial
  • Legal
    • Richard L. Chen PLLC: Contract renegotiations with vendors, landlords; employment law issues; corporate restructuring.
    • The Tuhey Law Firm: Creative solutions in addressing transactions and dispute resolutions with lenders, vendors, and customers.
  • Manufacturing
  • Safety & Security
    • Accelerate Consulting: CAREX is now offering ready-to-use COVID19-related Care Box’s available for businesses within the US.
    • Cory Electronics: Personal Protection Equipment including hand sanitizer/dispensers, gloves, and N95 masks.
    • Jemni: Emergency response products and services, including quick response mobile ID system to support fast off-site testing.
    • Red Duke Strategies: Infection prevention educational programming and support services.
    • Samson Protection Services: Security services for businesses closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, including unarmed and armed guards in DC and MD.
    • Sharp Mill Graphics: COVID-19 related safety signage.
    • Talon Solutions: Security services for temporarily vacant business facilities.

Note: Any reference to any person, organization, products, services or any linkages to the website of another party, do not constitute or imply the endorsement, recommendation, or favoring of Disability:IN.

For information regarding U.S. Small Business Administration, please visit our Federal Resources section.

DOBE Supplier HUB

To find additional suppliers, we encourage our corporate partners to login to the Disability:IN sourcing HUB.

Other Ways to Support Our Disability-Owned Business Community

  • Connect with your current DOBE business partners to offer advice and encouragement
  • Increase spend with current DOBE business partners
  • Shorten payment terms to help increase DOBE cash flow
  • Volunteer to be a Disability:IN DOBE mentor for a year and help guide a DOBE through this challenging business environment (contact [email protected])

U.S. Chamber of Commerce & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has compiled a Coronavirus Response Toolkit, including CDC’s coronavirus recommendations for businesses and workers across the country. Additionally, the Chamber compiled a Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist to help small business owners receive aid and help keep workers employed throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation provides a Coronavirus Response Resources page with links to resources on business resilience and disaster recovery. This page also includes links to upcoming and recorded webinars and podcasts to assist businesses during the pandemic.

US States’ Small Business Support Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Best Account Software analyzed and ranked the level of support states offer small businesses. How likely your business is to survive the pandemic can be heavily influenced by where it is located.  Access the US States’ Small Business Support Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic report.

Digital.Com Small Business Resources

Social distancing restrictions and demand shifts from COVID-19 are causing many brick and mortar small businesses to deal with the realities of downsizing, closures, and bankruptcies. Knowing that the survival of these businesses is vital to the community, Digital.Com created a series of resources to help businesses take advantage of trends that were created by the pandemic – a recent survey reported that 53% of Americans are moving online for a majority of their shopping needs.

The goal for these resources is to create actionable step by step guides that are both approachable and comprehensive in order to help small businesses develop plans to move their business online. Additionally, Digital.Com identifies short and long-term financing opportunities to help cover the cost of transition and navigate these challenging times.

Learn more and access the Digital.Com resources below:

Insights from our Partners

  • Facilitate two-way communication
    • Check in with suppliers
    • Create safe spaces
    • Make time to talk 1:1 to fill the void of in person connections that everyone is used to
    • Ensuring accessibility and cyber security
  • Remind leaders in corporate America about the importance of diverse businesses
  • Supplier Diversity professionals are advocates for supplier programs and employees
    • Need to consider financial health of all the small businesses they work with and help where they can
  • Turn in-person events and trainings virtual to continue moving forward and not lose momentum
  • Participate in the Disability:IN Supplier Diversity Mentorship Program
  • Double down on existing relationships and help suppliers to think creatively about where they can fill gaps
  • Encourage collaboration
    • Recognize that no one has all of the answers
    • People are having to pivot from all angles (suppliers, corporations, NGOs)

About the COVID-19 Response Series

As we work together and learn during this unprecedented time, we are guided by two broad principles:

  1. Designing and implementing responses to COVID-19 that are based on facts, objective evidence, and science; and
  2. Ensuring that our responses are genuine, effective, and meaningful by taking into consideration the functional needs of all employees, including individuals with disabilities through the provision of reasonable accommodations, including accessible websites, online systems, mobile apps and other forms of information and communication technologies.

Disability:IN has compiled the following resources to support your disability inclusion work during COVID-19. Please know that more resources will be added as they become available. If you have a resource that isn’t listed but should be, please email Kate Calcutt.

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