We’re excited to partner with you this year! As part of your benefits package, Disability:IN will feature your company in a story to our 500+ growing corporate network.

To facilitate this process, we would like a few details to get started. Please review this form (or download this .docx  of the form in advance) and then submit when ready.

NOTE: Many companies require internal approvals for the stories Disability:IN publishes. Please check with your appropriate team(s) if you need prior approval of the following story submission. Once story has been submitted through this form, Disability:IN will assume it has been ‘approved’ as needed by your company.

If you have any questions, please email Hannah at [email protected].

The partner spotlight is a part of the 2024 Partnership Benefits package. A representative from your company has formed a partnership with Disability:IN and provided your name as a marketing/communications contact. As a part of this partnership agreement, Disability:IN commits to highlighting your efforts to advance disability inclusion and equality through our own channels – email, social media, and online website/blog.

We will feature your company’s story in our monthly newsletter, social media, and website blog.

We have various examples, one example would be our Partner Spotlight: Voya Financial. Note, this is a comprehensive story, and not as much detail is required for your company’s submission. Ultimately, we will take a few sentences to insert into our monthly newsletter, social media, etc. If you have a link to learn more (press release, blog post, D&I report), we can always include. We can also create the ‘learn more’ link and host the additional information on our blog, as we’ve done with the Voya Financial example.

This benefit is part of your 2024 partnership. Considering this, there is no ‘hard’ deadline, except that we would like to spotlight your company this year, and sooner is always better to prevent your story getting lost in any end of year messaging. Please let Hannah ([email protected]) know if there is a certain timeframe you’d like to target.

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