Disability Fundamentals for Managers is a free, open-source, 30-minute interactive training that helps managers learn about disability awareness, etiquette, disclosures and accommodations, and holding accessible meetings and events. Google adapted this internal course for use by any company around the globe.

Implement the Training at Your Company

Course Format Purpose Notes
SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 Import the course directly into your learning management system (LMS). Not modifiable. This is the fastest and simplest way to offer the course to your employees. Once imported into your LMS, you can track employee attendance.
Web Host the training on your website. Not modifiable. If your company doesn’t have an LMS, you can use this version to host the course on your internal site.
Open source code Fully modifiable version, allowing you to customize the course for your company. The training does not need to be attributed to Google in any way. This version is the raw script using the Vue.js JavaScript framework. The source package includes a README file with build instructions and an Apache-2.0 LICENSE file allowing companies to modify the course.
Transcript Written transcript of the course in PDF format.