On this page you will find the Procure Access Statement and logos of the companies that have signed this statement to date.  The Procure Access Statement is part of the Procure Access Initiative, a growing business-to-business community facilitated by Disability:IN that recognizes the importance of purchasing and selling technology that is accessible to people with disabilities. Visit the Procure Access page of this website to learn more.

Please contact Jeff Wissel, the Disability:IN Chief Accessibility Officer, if your company is interested in signing the Procure Access Statement.

Text of the Procure Access Statement

Procure Access is a business-to-business initiative facilitated by Disability:IN, the global disability inclusion ​​non-profit. Procure Access brings together companies that recognize the importance of purchasing and selling technology that is accessible to people with disabilities.

We use the term “accessible procurement” to refer to the policies, practices, and processes needed to design, develop, maintain, purchase, and sell accessible technology products and services. We use the term “purchase” to include buy, license or otherwise obtain. We use the term “sell” to include sell, license, or otherwise offer.

The Procure Access community seeks to help businesses understand that accessible procurement creates an inclusive workplace with better, more usable products and services for our employees, customers, and the public. We recognize that accessible procurement is multi-faceted, requiring the work, commitment, and attention of many aspects of an organization. These include design, development, procurement, training, testing, quality assurance, legal and compliance, HR, communications, learning and development, and more.

Procure Access knows that in today’s diverse and evolving work and customer environments accessibility can no longer be considered a feature. It must be an integral aspect of all digital products and services.

Comprehensive, accurate, and transparent product and service accessibility information is essential when procuring and selling technology that creates inclusive environments of belonging for our employees, delights our customers, and enhances our public perception.

Conversely, the absence of accessible procurement has legal and reputational implications, and risks employee and customer exclusion and dissatisfaction.

The undersigned companies of the Procure Access community are committed to working together to advance the procurement of digital products and services that are accessible to and usable by all our stakeholders with disabilities, including our employees, job applicants, customers, and members of the public. This work is based on applicable global accessibility laws, regulations, and standards, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), 2.1 Level AA and subsequent WCAG updates.

Today, many technology purchasers face obstacles in locating, evaluating, licensing, and purchasing accessible and usable digital products and services. Technology sellers too face obstacles. They are often forced to respond to similar inquiries from multiple clients who have varying levels of understanding of global guidelines and standards. Many sellers would prioritize the delivery of accessible products and services but lack knowledge about accessibility or the understanding of the business, legal, and ethical imperatives that drive accessible procurement.

Procure Access comes together as a community to address these obstacles and advance accessible procurement in the private sector. Our shared goals include the following:

  • Increase the number of companies who prioritize accessible procurement by developing and sharing best practices for both purchasers and sellers.
  • Increase the involvement of people with disabilities in product design and development, and the procurement process
  • Encourage the sharing of transparent, current, and accurate information about technology product and service accessibility
  • Help businesses, including those in the procurement, HR, start-up, and supplier diversity communities to develop accessible procurement programs
  • Collaborate with organizations working globally on accessible procurement in the private, government and education sectors

Procure Access welcomes companies – technology buyers, sellers, and those that are both – wherever they are on the accessible procurement journey. Join us in reaching these goals and growing the number of companies buying and selling accessible and usable digital products and services.