The Disability:IN Accessibility Leadership Committee is a diverse group of business leaders who have come together to share their knowledge, strategies and best practices to help organizations enhance and maintain accessibility policies and practices in the workplace.  While the committee’s current focus is on digital accessibility the Committee recognizes that a corporate commitment to accessibility goes “beyond digital” to include all aspects of the built, operational, communication, program and other environments that our applicants and employees experience.


  • Create empowering environments through development, procurement
    and modification of digitally accessible business products.
  • Serve as a Collective Voice for disability inclusion to ensure all current and future digital applications conform to industry standards.
  • Influence the business community to adopt and integrate accessibility and inclusive design principles.
  • Encourage Disability:IN corporate partners to engage with strategic partners and vendors regarding digital accessibility.
  • Promote the WCAG 2.1 AA standards adoption and other best operational and training practices for all businesses that create digital and IT products and applications for employees, applicants, customers, and the public.
  • Promote the use of best practices for both suppliers and purchasers of technology that ensure the development and purchase of accessible products and services.

Committee Chair

Amy Warner Headshot


VP & GM, IT Digital Business Solutions and Corporate Director of Accessibility, Intel Corporation