Chad Jerdee

Chad Jerdee
Chad joined the Board of Disability:IN in 2019. He is the Global Lead of Responsible Business, Corporate Sustainability and Citizenship at Accenture, a professional services company. He is also the global executive sponsor for Accenture’s Persons with Disabilities initiatives, a member of the Accenture Diversity Council and serves on the national Board of Directors for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports adaptive sports athletes and all people with physical challenges to lead active, healthy lifestyles. Chad is an adaptive sports athlete and enjoys downhill skiing, backpacking, running, cycling and swimming. As an amputee who lost his leg from the knee down in a motorcycle accident, Chad is focused on paying it forward to the persons with disabilities community.


Since Chad joined Accenture in1997, the company has experienced massive growth – starting from a consulting firm and pivoting towards a large-scale professional services company, covering a wide range of services including digital marketing, robotics and factory modernization, artificial intelligence, immersive realities, blockchain and cybersecurity. Accenture currently has over 500,000 employees, serving clients in more than 120 countries, across more than 40 industries.


When Chad assumed the role leading Responsible Business, Corporate Sustainability and Citizenship in September 2019, he became accountable for leading the organization’s efforts to harness the power of innovation to solve complex challenges, while conscientiously navigating its potential to create negative consequences. This is fundamental to Accenture’s culture and will empower the company’s people to advocate for the positive impact of innovation for Accenture’s clients, people, partners and communities.


Throughout his career, Chad has focused on enabling the business to grow sustainably and responsibly, with a commitment to Accenture’s people, values and culture of compliance. As General Counsel for Accenture from 2014-2019, Chad had ultimate responsibility for all legal support to Accenture, serving as principal counsel to senior leadership and the board of directors and leading the company’s Legal department. As head of the Legal department, he oversaw all legal services, the contract management and government relations functions, leading a team of approximately 2,600 legal professionals globally. As Chief Compliance Officer, Chad was responsible for managing legal and regulatory compliance programs that enabled Accenture to operate around the globe while adhering to the highest ethical standards. Chad is no stranger to the topic of Responsible Business. During his time as General Counsel, he oversaw a number of programs to reinforce Accenture’s values and culture of compliance in close collaboration across various functions internally. Conduct Counts, for example, is a joint collaboration with Accenture’s Chief HR Officer, based on an understanding that great people are critical to having a strong culture of ethics. The aim is to promote a sustainable standard of global behavior and foster an environment in which Accenture’s people feel safe to speak up when they see concerning behavior. In 2017, Chad led the relaunch of Accenture’s Code of Business Ethics, using a design-led approach to modernize the code by adding new content such as the responsible use of new technologies and create a more human-centered and interactive experience by mobilizing a chatbot to help guide our people to the information and resources they need, when and how they need them.


He received a BA from St. Olaf College and a JD from the Univ. of Minnesota. He resides outside of Chicago with his wife and two daughters.