Owner: Amanda Jolley
Certified Since: 2021
HQ: Kansas City, MO
Product/Service: Video production
Company Website: https://sjps.tv

About Amanda Jolley of SJPS

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

We enjoy the freedom of being able to truly serve the needs of our clients. When working for other companies, we found that profit was the motivator in client relations rather than actually meeting their needs.
In addition, as a company that employs neruodivergent people, we appreciate the freedom to work at a pace and schedule that is healthiest for us, rather than following a standard office hour time frame.

How has being a certified DOBE helped your company grow and achieve success?

We are recently certified and are just beginning to build a relationship with Disability:IN, but have already been able to meet a supplier diversity need of a couple larger corporate clients. Our service with the bonus of our diverse supplier certification will only strengthen our client relationships.