Owner: Jackson Dalton
Certified Since: 2020
HQ: El Cajon, CA
Product/Service: Industrial supplier of safety, office, Jan/San, emergency response and law enforcement products.
Company Website: https://blackboxsafety.com/

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About  Jackson Dalton of Blackbox Safety, Inc

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I decided to become an entrepreneur for two reasons.  The first being that as a traditional employee, my scope of work was very narrow and specific.  However, as a business owner, I can wear many different hats each day.  I get to help the marketing team create digital marketing campaigns, help the sales team solve problems that our customers have, and work with our bookkeeper and accountant to manage our daily cash flow.  Each day is different, and I enjoy solving challenging and unique problems.  The second reason I decided to become an entrepreneur was to reconnect to the military and government service.  I miss my military service every day, and at Black Box Safety we can provide life-saving products to our government customers that truly are on the frontlines.

How has being a certified DOBE helped your company grow and achieve success?

Being a certified DOBE has been helpful because it allows us to connect with organizations that value supplier diversity.  In addition, our certification has connected us to a community of differently-abled businesses that face similar challenges.