Disability:IN Talent Accelerator

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A female NextGen leader interviewing with a female Disability:IN corporate partner
NextGen Leaders accepted into the Talent Accelerator program participate in matchmaking sessions at the Annual Conference.
A male NextGen leader interviewing with a female Disability:IN corporate partner
During these sessions, NextGen Leaders are able to meet with recruiters and discuss potential career opportunities.

Presented by: Microsoft and Northrop Grumman
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The Disability:IN Talent Accelerator is a free two-day networking and career readiness opportunity for college students and recent graduates with disabilities. This academy takes place in conjunction with the Disability:IN Annual Conference, the nation’s premier business-to-business conference on disability inclusion throughout the enterprise. During the Disability:IN Talent Accelerator, students will experience cutting-edge educational sessions and exciting interactive programming with high-profile speakers. Students will also participate in numerous networking opportunities, including exclusive facilitated networking sessions that connect Disability:IN leaders to representatives from Disability:IN member companies/businesses. Check out the descriptions for two signature activities during the Disability:IN Talent Accelerator:

Hosted by The Boeing Company, The Technology Innovation Lab (iLab) is an opportunity for NextGen Leaders to collaborate within smaller teams to innovate around a certain challenge. Each year, the iLab demonstrates that people with disabilities can be a catalyst for innovation and that NextGen Leaders are valuable innovators candidate consideration, especially from Disability:IN corporate partners.

The iLab is part of the Talent Accelerator program, which coincides during the Disability:IN Annual Conference. As NextGen Leader teams innovate around a challenge, such as accessibility, the NextGen Council and corporate partners provide support as mentors and facilitators. The proposed products and solutions then go through a voting round, engaging Disability:IN Conference attendees. The top two voted teams then formally pitch their ideas to a panel of corporate executives during the NextGen Plenary for a chance to win prizes.

Disability:IN Matchmaking Session: During this one-on-one speed networking session, recruiters from approximately 50 Disability:IN corporate partners will be matched to NextGen Leaders who possess the field of study, educational background, and/or experience each company is seeking in potential job applicants. This session is an opportunity for students to learn about the opportunities available in a variety of companies, and an opportunity for students to make an impression with recruiters.

2018 Recruitment Opportunities, including access to the Resume Database is now available! Click here: https://disabilityin.org/2018recruitmentopportunities/

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