Disability:IN Greater St. Louis

Website Address: www.stlbln.org
Territory: Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area
Mission Statement: Disability:IN Greater St. Louis champions opportunities to create productive and supportive partnerships among people with disabilities, private businesses, and governmental and community agencies. These partnerships work toward several goals:
Helping businesses access more qualified applicants with disabilities
Increasing the representation of people with disabilities in the workforce
Encouraging businesses to be more responsive to the needs of customers with disabilities
Primary Contact: Tiffany Battle, Disability:IN Greater St. Louis President, Human Resources Partner
SSM Integrated Health Technologies
Address: 7980 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 63117

Alternative Contact:
Saundra Eckstadt, Disability:IN Greater St. Louis Treasurer
Eckstadt Consulting
P.O. Box 193, Hecker, IL 62248

Lead Employer(s)
Tiffany Battle, Human Resources Partner, Disability:IN Greater St. Louis President
SSM Integrated Health Technologies
7980 Clayton Road, St.Louis, MO 63117

Kenneth C. Lynch, Vice President of Human Resources, Disability:IN Greater St. Louis President-elect
3737 North Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63147

State Partner(s)
Robert Honan, Executive Director
Missouri Governor’s Council on Disability
301 West High Street, Room 840